Saturday, August 23, 2008


Up early for the Contes Va Beach ride. Great ride as usual, spent a lot of time off the front, in the wind doing ironcross type efforts. Rode the Slingshot for the first time in a while and she felt good and fast (just how I like em)! Had the worst cramp ever towards the end in the left calf. Some of my peeps had to witness it, that sucked, but they seemed very concerned so that was nice. Worked it out and rejoined.

Had some good times at bucks. This wonderful young lady kept bringing out the samples and we were taking! She must have come out like five times. We did some serious damage.

Going mountain biking tomorrow at Freedom, so looking forward to it! The more I ride on the dirt, the less tolerance I have for roadies! Trying to do something to prepare for the SM100.

Went out on a re-con mission for a possibly very exciting cross race venue! My fingers are crossed bigtime...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"i'm a toolbag"

This is a breakdown of a comment from phillip which I did not approve. Instead, I'm making him famous by giving him a seperate post on the k-blogg! Enjoi

dude your a toolbag
Really? Is this how I'm being approached? Really?
This made me "PMP"

you didnt even see it happen!
Neither did the officials!

Tyler almost took himself and gene down.
So, did you see it?

why would you make such a big deal about something that you didnt even see happen??
You must be new around here... Was it really "such a big deal?"

tyler didnt make it into a big deal, gener didnt make it into a big deal, he simple told the refs which was what he should have done.
I'm not a big fan of ratting people out over some nonsense
Not a fan of Rats or Weasels, or Boy Models for that matter

What gives you the right to place yourself into something that in nooooo wayy even remotly involves you.
What gives me the right? Don't you know who I am, and where I'm from? Don't you see where you are? You're on the freakin K-blogg son! You just a squirrel lookin for a nut! Did I invite you or anyone else to come here? I'm glad you and everyone else is here, but understand that this is my world and I run the show here!
You don't see me blowin up your Facebook do you?

why would you even make comments about gene rollin keith down, your not on our team, it doesnt concern you..
It's just an observation guy! And BTW, I have always turned down invites to any team that gene is a part of... Do you take steroids? Cuz I'm feelin a lot of rage going on here.
And when you get back to school, find a tutor or somethin to help you out with your writing skills or lack there of.

18 hrs is a long time!

This past weekend we did the 18hrs of scouts honor in Goochland VA.
This is the first time i've done this race, but i've always heard good things, and i found out that their all true.
We came up with our team just two weeks prior to racing, and everyone was clear that fun was the priority.
Our team consisted of Lynn, Jerry, Mugler, and Myself. Mugler came up with the name Four Horsemen with Babydoll in reference to the old school wrestling superstars.
He gets so into it, and we all found that very entertaining.
He came up with the WWF belt freshly engraved specially for this race for the fastest midnight lap for anyone on our team. Jerry took both fastest day and night laps. I tried my best but came up just over a minute slower every time. Except when he used his cross bike for a lap.
These guys know how to do it right, everything was brought.
The course was super nice, and fast 9.5 miles of rolly, tight, and twisty singletrack.
I'm very proud of our team who rode very well every lap and maintained a positive attitude throughout.
We were camped next to our friends of All About Bikes--Baker, Shawn (Budha), Joe, and Cryin Bryan. We changed their name to team turmoil during the night.
Hats off to those solo and mixed teams, thats a lot of work! I want to try it someday. Hopefully this helps to prepare me for the SM one hundo!
Wes was out there filming, riding, and shooting, so expect some good media from that.
Thanks to all who put this race on, and the fine folks of runriderace for handling the timing!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Keith gets Owned!

Most of the water boys are good peeps, Keith included. So this is all in good fun when I say Keith gets owned. It's been discussed that Keith doesn't wear the team kits at the local races, and that he may even be done with the natures pearl. Well next race our team photographer Liz snapped a fresh shot of Capn Keith in full blown Le Bleu. Look how new and white that stuff appears. It's not my business of inner team turmoil, I'm just sayin what I see cuz thats what I do's.
I must say I really like how the Gene team has totally backed him in the comment section. That shows great team work, and I'm glad to have done something to make that apparent. You're welcome!
Stay tuned for a break down of Pretty Boy's comment that deserves a posting and stuff!

photo creditLiz

Season Premeir Tonight!

Get your DVR's right, The Hills season 4 starts tonight 10pm MTV!
More drama than the K-blogg

OMG, the scoop on PMP!

Here's the scoop on PMP.

The term was first used by an Italian merchant marine trapped on a freighter stranded on a sand bar. For hours and hours, the sailor tireless sent out the international distress signal. Dit-Dit-Dit. Dash-Dash-Dash. Dit-Dit-Dit. All to avail. Nothing. Not a peep from any other ships.

For nearly 24 hours, this brave stood his post, downing innumerable expressos. One after the other. These puppies made Starbucks look like Kool-Aid. Finally, with his bladder beyond the bursting point, my uncle, Nicolo Sciocchetti, cut loose right there on deck. Whew! It was nasty.

He disappered into his cabin and in a matter of minutes was back on deck with a fresh pair of britches. He immediately sent out this message.

Dit-Dash-Dash-Dit. Dash-Dash. Dit-Dash-Dash-Dit. PMP

Pissed my pants.

He remained stedfast for 3 more days. Finally, with no more clean pants remaining, Nicolo did the only thing he could do. He abandoned ship, sacrificing his life to the depths of the sea. That's when he discovered that he was in only 3 feet of water.

Legend has it that Nicolo never changed pants again. When people inquired of his far-away stare, all he ever replied was, "PMP."

thx talkingattached

Friday, August 15, 2008

Your Opinions Please?

This wed night was the last edition of the HOS training series at the all too familiar sports plex. The weather agreed with us after threatening to dump on us. I had many peeps doing the anti rain dance all over the place (thx).
I had T Kranes with me with a hodge podge bike thrown together by the big wick nasty.
We had some issues getting his jr gearing to work but wyclef skratened it out like a pro.
This race had 41 starters which is a most excellent turnout and good to see. Thanks to VBV and East coast bikes for their parts in making this happen for us.
So the race went really well. everyone was very attentive and chased down every move that went forward. Big ups to all the chicks hangin tough in the race! It was nice to meet Kim who's new to the area from Hotlanta. Everybody be nice and holla at her when you see her.
So I tried to stay near the front and make sure we had somebody in any of the many move attempts.
With 2 or 3 to go I see Gener getting back in the race as we're single file flying across the start/finish area, and I thought that was odd because no race has free laps with that few to go. Turns out that Bully gon Snitcho was touched on the hip by Tyler who btw is barely 130lbs and what, 16yrs old? So Gene pulls out of the race and tells the officials what happened and they somehow managed to pull Tyler out of the race. The finish was nice and smooth despite the drama that was ensuing. During the last two laps I watched in awe as Gener who illegally re entered the race got to the front and chased a team member Keith down who was away on a solo mission.
Afterwards Danielle came over to talk with Tyler and he handled himself very professionally and with respect. I let her know how ridiculous I thought the situation was and found out that Gene re entering the race was unathurized. Cmon, these fine ref's are donating their time to us so that we can race for cheap! They don't need to deal with that BS. And aren't you an official yourself???
Funny how after the race he was nowhere to be found... He was also a no show at the Thursday night great bridge ride which Tyler and I attended. I was hoping to get his side of the story, but doubt that will ever happen
Why am I calling this person out?
I have been nice lately leaving him alone and kind of ignoring his antics. Heck I even invited him and his fam to our party saturday!
And I will continue with what i've been doing but bitch's need to be called out!
We all ride and race in tight quarters and sometimes instead of calling your where abouts you have to put your hand on somebody's hip to let em know exactly where you are. It's actually the safest way to do it.
A lot of times I have found that bullies are at their worst when they feel bullied...
Every region needs a Villian, and boy do we have one! It's entertaining at best.

Post race party was awesome! I aint corn holin nuthin!

So Tyler, I am officially backing you and opening up the comments for everyones say!
This should be a good one.

Makes me want to "PMP" if you txt'rs know what that stands for lemme know. I couldn't have possibly originated where I think it has...

Welcome new readers, enjoy and stuff!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bully gon Snitcho

soooooo much more to come...

photo credodaniel gibson

Sunday, August 10, 2008

It's only been a week people!!!

123 race chesapeake crit (blackberry curve)

the post race keg (blackberry curve)

Crazy-Dog Inc. BobnBJ's smugmug
Pre Race Face Gilberts Picasa
Fun in the trailer Jason

I fell again... (blackberry curve)

So Liz is back in town... Liz, are you doing SM-100? I am.

I never thought i'd see this but BigWickNasty is officially on the blog o sphere! Welcome my friend! Now that you know where I live, you can be my little brother. J Dub can't say anything about it while he resides on the wrong coast (right coast represent).

My friend Jason came through town this week with his rolling showroom of hotness. We put him up for a few days, and we rode bikes, drank beer (inbibed) and just chilled. Well we were supposed to just chill, but all kinds of stuff just kept going wrong. It was unbelievable to watch as the train just kept wrecking him. I have to admit, he kept his cool and rolled with the punches. He said every time he gets some time off, this stuff happens. We really enjoyed your stay, and hope that when in the area again- we will be one of your stops.
While we rode the best damn mtb in york river state park, I took a high speed tumble which sent me flying over the bars in a very dramatic fashion! My right inner ankle is bruised and now looks like a cankle. Left knee has a few scrapes, left shoulder and back took a hard hit ripping the skin off a scar that had just recently been sunburnt. And of course the impact to the helmet opened up the hole in my head for a little blood back there. Im so glad it was in the dirt! Fortunately the bike was good to go, so I re mounted the Pivot Mach 4 and continued shredding this trail that I've ridden for many years but never with such speed and lack of effort. That says a lot about the bike. "this trail hates momentum"

Yesterday was the Chesapeake Crit which I always love because it's so close to home, 2.5 miles away to be exact. Had no idea how my form was so I decided to just race once and do the 30+. It was a great race, and a break formed right away on the back stretch of the first lap. I had zero on the warm up meter so there was no way i was attempting to join that move. Crazy got in there so I got to play in the front and disrupt the flow of the chase. I so love doing that, and it's a good workout.
hung around for a little bit to watch the other races, then had to go home and help setup for the post race party.

This Wednesday is the last training race, so lets get a huge turnout and be prepared to throwdown afterwards. I don't even want to tell you what Bill Collins wants to do...

Saturday, August 02, 2008

where my stitch's at?

it's been two weeks, and my head is finally sealed up! I can now get that cypriss hill song outta my head (hole in da head).
pulled the stitch's out at home (thx Sal).

Enjoy the weekend!