Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Star Trek Cribs - The Director's Cut

Tactics 101-Attack while the dog takes a drink...

can you find my hindparts?

I wish this was where I go when I'm a bad DOG...


Gone Daddy Gone

Happy Halloween!!!

ironcross 06

Been there, done that, got the t-shirts-----WHAT!

Monday, October 30, 2006

The Annual Pilgrimage

Could that have political meaning???
The regular please-----Americano!

They goto such great lengths don't they? I'd like to see a Harvest theme---Hellooooooo?

Yup, I went. It's mandatory every year. Sort of like a pilgrimage if you will...
The card is punched in all three respective area's and far upper right corner, comp!!!
Almost missed it this year, cn't be havin thaaaaat now

So ol girl is a cowgirl ths year...

From Tinkerbell to a Cowgirl... My what difference a year makes. t least I don't have to be Peter Pan again ;-)

Does this one remind you of Clockwork Orange or what???


If you've raced in the mid-atlantic region, check out kevin dillards site chock full o pics, music, and cool links! I'm stuck on the beastie boys page with never before heard footage and remixes.
And the techno------don't get me started!
He's got a great eye, and you don't even know he's there... kinda creepy, actually. Oh, don't fret, he's very nice!

Just doppin some love to my peeps!

I lo me some littleloca!

Sunday, October 29, 2006


OK, bear with me here... I want to get pictures up, and I've tried numerous times with many different picture combinations. And here's what we get, so until I get the other photos up, I will talk about deez ones.

Just before W-Burg a random tree falls and blocks most of 64! It was crazy windy ut there.
Gener and I considered bustin out our chainsaws and clearing the roadway, but gener was concerned about chiggers... We squeezed through, but I'm sure it really messed up, already typically bad Hampton Roads traffic! Good thing we wuz running early, and the subie was fast.
Let me tell ya, thats one bumpy ridin car! What these kids do to "get low,get low"

And here we have Silly Sally, and Susan with thier silver and bronze prizes taking second and third for the Tripower women. They put thier bells right to work straight away. You know how Silly gets with those damn cowbells, I finally gave her my D-Fitty (camera) to shoot pics instead of ring bells...

Ah yes, its that time of year! Gotta love it. After leaving Lambaba's (mex) in downtown Richmond, Gener noticed a gorilla perched on a newspaper stand and brought it to my attention. I quickly yelled to gener to grab my camera out of the car. I said "hey monkey, how bout a pic?" He nodded (yes) and here ya have it. Classic. Later on, gener said to check see if that monkey snatched my wallet. I said "NO, he was a good monkey"!

More later, you know it! Gotta rest up, have a parent teacher meeting first thing in the morn. We'll see how awesome the Judster's doing...

And all you closet k-blog readers out there, I know yer out there, throw a damn comment or something. Lettuce know yer following,be nice... And if you have a blog, Mr. Russell, let me know, so I can keep up, and post a link. Good job today er-one!

Saturday, October 28, 2006


3SPORTS Chimborazo Cross Race
Richmond, VA
Sunday, October 29, 2006

photos by J 2 da B

Well it's time to kick-off the VA CX series tomorrow. I must say i'm a bit nervous, I mean, we just did the ironcross, and a big cross racin weekend with huge strong fields. But the thing is, this is local, we all know eachother, and smaller fields. And for some reason, people think i'm like really good at cross...
I just got a new SD mem card for the nikon D-50 (fitty)- super fast, and 2gigs--thats crazy huge!
We'll have plenty of footage up on the k-blog probably by tomorrow night (sun).
I'm sure we'll even have video later on as well.
It's a great place to race, and I hope to have the hands up across the finish line!

I recently put up a bunch of links (Lizinks) up here on the right. Check em out, but be careful, blogs are almost as addicting as you-tube!
Be sure and visit my boy J-Pow's site...He just mentioned us in his latest post and used photo's we gave him. He is an awesome guy, and he is on form this cross season. I hope he finds the perfect combination of school and cycling----

Good luck to all my MTB brethren doing Steve's race. It's a very unfortunate scheduling conflict here, having race 1 of the cross series, and the ever classic Tidewater MTB Challenge! My boy KJ just called me like a minute ago to still try and change my mind... I put it all on the table Tues night and made a final decision. Gotta do whatchu Gotta do. I mean, are we going to mtb nats, or cross nats? Focus dude, Focus----but have fun----dammit

Friday, October 27, 2006

A little update on the Grandparents

Went up to northern Jersey after the races this past weekend to visit the parents, and grandparents. I was happy to see everyone in good spirits and ol gramps is fighting his way back from a stroke very nicely (with the help of a great re-hab staff/ and parents)!. Thanks to all for your inquiries, thoughts, and prayers!!! Keep em coming...
That Judster is pretty Magical---

------------4 generations-----------

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Wissahickon Cross


Well, I'm having trouble loading photogs on the blog, but I managed to get one or two in...
Today was a lot colder, with threatening clouds covering the warming sun. It was also a lot faster than yesterday too. I enjoyed the fast and very twisty course with very little climbing.
Oh, the sand was cool too!
We open the day once again with Bill G in the C-men's class. He had horrible starting position again today, and I thought he'd have a much harder time picking them off on a faster course, but sure enough, as we stood on top of the hill, we watched and counted them off as he picked! I couldn't watch too much, cuz we had to suit up, and warm up for our race. But he worked his way up to 7th! What a double weekend for Bill ! A 5th and a 7th! I for one, am very proud!!!
A big thanks to whoever provided the free to warm up on cycle ops trainers, pratically on the course! You get to warm up, and watch a race, awesome...
They did a top 25 call up and then a free for all to get starting position. Once again, we didn't get great positioning. The first lap was absolute mayhem, and it took almost two laps to get thing sorted out. There was just groups of groups riding around, and the course is soooo twisty that you have no idea where you are. You just know who's right in front and right behind ya. I had a solid race, stayed upright, kept the chain on the ring, and finished feeling strong. I know I need a lot more work, but the skills are there. I finished 44th, a big improvement from yesterday. Mike rode hard and fast! I saw him for like two laps, and then he took off. He's on a mission. he got 23! Very consistent showing on two very different courses.
I think its good to get these huge races in under the skinsuits before we get started with the local Virginia series next week. We should be good to go for them...
The Pro races are soooo much fun to spectate. We're done, changed, fed, got a few beers in from the beer tent, and you get to see yer fave cross racers warming up, then race! I aint gonna lie to ya, it's good times! We got to meet Kabush, Trebon, Wicks, and Powers. Very cool and funny guys! We have some pics that will be up soon...
We're still not home yet, me and the fam headed further north to the top of ol, no, new jersey. We're here to visit ol gramps (nelly), and make sure he's doing alright after suffering a stroke last week. They say he's steadily improving so thats good. I will post how that goes with pics when we get home. I dread the long drive tomorrow.


A very nice run-up they have here, at the top is the beer tent!

Wissahickon Cross pics

Saturday, October 21, 2006

A Quick Granogue update

Well, we just finished up day one of this two day cross weekend. The weather was perfect for this event. The scenery up here in Wilmington is awesome!
Bill G rocked his first real cross race in the C men to a 5th place! He didnt have great starting position, but within a lap, he was already looking at top ten. He just kept picking them off. When they were coming through for their 2cnd lap I was like "Is that a flame burning up the road?" sure nuff, it was Bill using his strong point to jump positions in leaps and bounds.
In the B race Mikey and I lined up kinda mid pack which wasnt so good. Mike stared well, and maintained decent position. I was up there till i slid out in the mud before the run-up, and dropped the chain. I had a heck of a time putting it back on, and got my glove caught between the chain and chainring. By the time I got up the run-up and back to riding, I was placed pretty far back, so I just got in where I fit in, and rode, and smiled, and worked on some skills. I'm happy to know that if that didnt happen i would have finished pretty well, so i'm not stressing too much. I'm actually considering going with a single chainring up front with two guards on each side. This would ensure chain droppage no more. So I finished towards the back, and Mikey finished in the top quarter of the large group. These race fields are huge in all categories!

The Pro womens race was very exciting to watch! We walked much of the course to watch them in all the tricky sections, and cheer, ring bells, shoot pics. Katie Compton, Lynne Bassette, Georgia Gould, and a sprint for fourth won by DeeDee over Maureen (pigtails) Bruno!

The Pro mens race was crazy and ever changing! We stayed near the barriers and the run-up hill which had the crowd in a frenzy because every once in a while, some brave soldier would ride this wall of a hill. It was an amazing experience. Trebon repeated, Jeremy Powers, Wicks, and Tim Johnson, Todd Wells

It's the first cross race that the fam unit has come out to, and I must say, they had a great time!

Tomorrws event is just outside of Philly. Bill wants to better a 5th, and crazy and i have some redeeming to do... wish us all luck!!!

Bill in the craziness

Just havin a good ol time cx racing!

My good luck charm (juju)!

Mike working thru the feild to an impressive start

Where does she get this from???

Monday, October 16, 2006

ironcross IV

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Here we go Yo! One to Go!

Getting ready to head out the door for a wonderful ironcross! This will be my third of four.
I've been saddened by some news yesterday that my Gramps has fallen ill and is in the hospital.
He is in good hands and surrounded by family. Sounds like he went through a pretty bad stroke, but is already improving. I know that whatever I go through in this tough race will be nothing campared to what He's going through! Hang in there Ol Buddy!!!

Friday, October 13, 2006

2 to go YO!

Run For Yer Lives.....

Thursday, October 12, 2006

"3 days to go mf-er"


"Wheres your update, B?"

Props to gener for this one!
See you at the greys anatomy party tonight ;-)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

4 Days...

FlyingDogAle you know I LoDat!

5 Days to go...

Liz just knew I'd take it, cuz that's just what I do...

Monday, October 09, 2006

6 Days to go...

Sunday, October 08, 2006


I'm feeling inspired to try some vegetables!!!