Thursday, November 17, 2005

11/17/05 jus a lil sum from tha day...

Time to leave home for work! Early in, Early out.

It was too late for a Wa Wa stop, plus last time I was there me and a couple of state troopers got into it, so I figured I would lay low for a bit. Made a nice little esspresso drink with whip, and caramel drizzle! That and a couple of microwave pancakes, with maple syrup, and I am ready to do something. Problem is, figuring out what that something is...

This is a good one! A van of ours came in with a little gunshot wound! Just imagine if that were a fleshwound... Pictured is the entrance and exit of the hood, and if you look closely the A/C line took a direct hit just in front of the crimp, then it ricochet up into the heater box where the evap and heater core reside. Nice... Thanx a lot gangsta's out there gettin rich and dyin tryin! Why don't ya'll try the shooting range and work on that aim.

What was before Norfolk?

This was actually on a big box that I sat on just after the parts guys were saying wait! Don't sit on that! I was like, oh don't tell me it's fragile? Like I'm stackin...

And then there's my fave part of the day! That is picking up my Ju Ju!

There is a ride tonight, and rumor has it that helmet cam guy may show. So I'm sure JB will have some pics of all of us out there freezing!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Tues Morn Ride...

This is what the Dog looked like after a solo flyer from shore dr to the shop, ouch!

Friday, November 11, 2005

Wooden Wheels at Granogue Cyclocross

The conditions were perfect. Cold, rain, and lots of mud! Almost the whole time you have no line and you just cruise through the mud. We had a huge field of 90, so as you know the start was crazy. I kinda chilled out cuz I didn't get much of a warm up. But the race goes up the road at the start. By the time I felt good and progressing it was over. I got 51st. Afterwards we freshened up and watched the pros while hangin under the beer tent!

Some quotes from the pro's taken from the write up on bikereg.com

Afterwards, both Trebon and Johnson were smiling and laughing like a couple of brothers after a water balloon fight. Said Trebon, laughing, “it was slick. It would look like it was solid but it wasn’t. I crashed there, I crashed over there. I tripped on the barricade. But it was really fun.”

Fifteen minutes later, second-placed Johnson was still pumped at his successful return to the highest level of cyclocross racing. As he started to change into dry clothes, he looked up, smiled a huge smile, and said, “That was so much fun. That was a blast. That’s why I love ‘cross.”

Mr. Wilson, me, & Crazy

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

To Beard or not to Beard

Okay, so I have been sporting this beard for about a month and a half and I'm just about over it...

Cmere clippers, it's time to play!

I will post the during and after shots, so stay tuned

Monday, November 07, 2005

The long tiring drive home from the "superbowl sunday ride"

We will definately round up some folks for next years ride, which is coming around the corner...


The Superbowl Sunday ride is epic on the mindset only. The ride starts from Briery Branch - 257 Market Intersection - parking at the Restaurant across the street. The length of the ride depends on the snow and ice that is normally up on the mountain. The group rides up on Shenandoah Mountain via Rt. 924 and on towards Flagpole Knob on FR 85 North. There are 3 downhills to choose from that will drop you into Hone Quarry. From Hone Quarry it is 2 miles back to the parking area. The ride could be done in 2.5 hours or so but we normally take 5 +++ hours. It is quite the social event with 50 + people. Most folks start arriving around 10:00 -10:30 am. The last groups to leave are pedaling around 11:00 am. Come on out and bring your buddies and lots of spare clothes to wear.
What to expect:- naked people on the summit of Flagpole- noone in a hurry except on the downhill- beer in the parking lot- smiley happy people all day long

Directions:- Rt. 42 in Dayton- pickup 257 West to Ottobine- Left continuing on 257 W to Briery Branch

Almost at the top...
A little beverage break,
I like how these guys operate!

The "Collage" as per request by Liz...

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I'm In!

Watch out Bloggers!!!