Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Competition is a good thing, just ask any woman!!!
In local racing, competition is a good thing.
Gener has taken on the bold responsibility of starting up a team.
I have known Gener for a long time. We've had our ups and downs, but we know the deal!
I'm proud of what he and all at SR racing are doing. It's a LOT of work!
With a lot of smaller teams growing up, 07 could prove to be the most exciting and competitive season in quite some time!
I feel honored, and priviledged to have exclusive rights to making this available to the public.
I am currently coming up with 20 questions as an interview. If any of ya'll out there have any questions you'd like to submit for consideration, email me kevinhorvath@tmo.blackberry.net

SR Racing of Chesapeake, VA

Active Members:
Robert Dinterman 12/31/2007
B (Gene) Fowler 12/31/2007
Robert Frank 12/31/2007
Danny Glover Jr 12/31/2007
Keith Johnson 12/31/2007
Tyler Karnes 12/31/2007
Terry Lovell 12/31/2007
Gene Rutledge 12/31/2007
Bryan Sorrell 12/31/2007

Upon doing a search, Wikipedia gave me this brief and interesting descript...
S.R. RA slippery abbreviation, with two different meanings:
. As a trade name, it is an alternate form of Sakae Ringyo, a major Japanese
maker of aluminum parts, particularly cranks and seat posts. In the 1990's,
they bought what was left of the bankrupt Sun Tour, and are now known as
SR-Sun Tour.
. The abbreviation "S.R." is also commonly used in want ads for older racing
bicycles, where it refers to the old top-of-the-line Campagnolo Super Record

D-bo's New Ride!

Hooked up with Danbo before our race planning meeting. He suprised me with his new ride! This range is NICE!

Relaxed next to the FIRE

While watching highlights of the Bears Saints game and enjoying a Moosehead!

Rob is correct! Boonen says "kevo, mullets are early season do's"

BTW----Boonen has taken 3 stages in a row!!!


old skool skating

Some of ya'll may not know, but back in the day... The Dog used to skate. Still watching old videos from back in the day, waaaay too late in the night. Till I learn how to digitize this stuff, I shot a few pics of the screen. Highlights if you will.


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Not yet Pettachi!

Tour of Qatar---stage 2---Boonen edges Pettachi at the line---Tom Steels gets put to the ground by Graeme Brown!

Let the games begin...

Monday, January 29, 2007


Thanx for sending Bryan!

BIKE CRASH wipe out broken nose

BIKE CRASH wipe out broken nose

Sunday, January 28, 2007

the proposal

a lil slideshow from today...


On a cold and dreary Sunday morning, Crazy decided to brighten our day by including us in his proposal to Brenna.
Congrats to you both! Keep on smiling!


I heard about this segment from someone at work! Woooo boy is it funny!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

a nice saturday...

After a wonderful saturday morning ride with all my friends, and a starbucks session, it was non-stop. Danbo has inspired Sally to bust out the VCR and old camcorders to check out some vintage footage of our own. I see one vcr tape labelled "skate session behind A&P 1988! That's almost 20 years ago!!! One things for sure, I've always been crazy.
Stopped by the Kempsville Grill for some lunch, then Contes to get my cross tires unglued from the ksyriums to make way for the new red tufo tubulars to get glued on! Can't wait to race on them!

Then it was time for serious business... My boy Chuck thru the years has messed up his rings and bell to the point where theres just one ring hanging from his cage. Had to get ol boy a new set up and some treats. Of course he doesn't like them right away, but he'll get used to it. He's going on 13 years!!!

Saw this cutie pie in the pet store. I love love birds. They have the same body as Chuck, just a little bigger.

The grocery store for a few items. Always good times to take the Judster shopping!

Then we hit the bikes for a bunch of laps around the hood

And the mail (note my ride with the basket)

See some of ya'll tomorrow for a lame ass sunday ride. This better be good, cuz I never come out for these!!!

Friday, January 26, 2007

yet, even more swich

...Had a good time at Dabnbo's tonight! That mystery rider footage from 1997 was awesome... The Dawg's been doin this for awhile eh...
Thanx for having us at yer party, and Misty, once again---stellar hostin. And that dog is mine!

Powers bunny-hopping through the European cross scene

Nice to see some recognition for doin it right! Rock On J-Pow!

  • Jeremy Powers Interview

  • Why you be lookin all scared tho???

    Thursday, January 25, 2007

    Ipswich (the short film)

    So I ran out of music... It's late and it's all I can do... Danbo and his damn deadlines.

    Wednesday, January 24, 2007

    photobooth fun!

    an EPIC production! If you make it to the end, let me know, and we'll see about getting ou a prize! Trust me, I'm watching, and I will know if you're cheating... And I promise to make them much much shorter in the future. Nite-

    Ipswich (the preview)

    it's coming...

    Tuesday, January 23, 2007

    Cobblestone Cross Race 07

    Pole Green!

    Monday, January 22, 2007


    Call this a trailer if you will... We are evolving in our video prowess, so enjoy these clips till we grow to bigger productions!



    Sunday, January 21, 2007

    the swich

    The water at the swich is nasty!!! Look at it, it's like nuclear orange. May you never have to experience it. I've heard some stories from folks who have...

    Oh, you know we got some video footage!

    After the ride, we headed over to the doghouse for some sandwich's, brownies, and the fella's brought over some chips, dip, and salsa. And a cute little PEZ for the Judster! She took this picture with her camera. We started watchng football, and footage of the days happenings which were rather funny!

    During th ride it started sleeting out. It was quite the sound of cute little ice balls bouncing off of crisp foliage. Nice background noise to drown out the sirens of five OH, or Fire dept. you know, inner city stuff.

    Crazy Train

    8am, run a 5k race on the hills of Trshmore. Quickly change into cycling gear and ride MTB's down to the beach-destination-Starbucks! On the way back, we ride the crazy train tracks and ride some wino singletrack. On top of all that, it was cold and windy. Fortunately, working the railroad ties keeps ya warm...

    I wonder what JB's doing right now???

    Saturday, January 20, 2007

    Mud in your eye XC series

    Did another 5k running race at Trashmore today! This time it was cross country with use of the hills. Strangely, my time was just a few seconds slower than when I did it on new years day on the flat running paths. Probably because I enjoy being off the pavement and being in the hills, and I actually ran a few times leading up to this one. I like it a lot, and feel like it's great off season cross training to keep things in order. Theres no way I can match that intensity on the bike.
    Afterwards Danbo, Marco, and myself went for a urban assault ride down to Starbucks at the beach where we met up with our roadie brethren and shared different blends of coffees, and stories, and plans. On the ride back to Trashmore Danbo and I rode the out of service train tracks almost the whole way. Let me tell ya---That is one Helluva workout! We took some cool pics and video so watchout for a video mash up soon...

    Below is the infamous kalerunning email sent shortly after the race. They're so fast and professional... I'm so impressed with how they run things. (get it? run...)
    Hey Hupps, Have a great vacation! See ya'll in two weeks.

    Congratulations Kevin Horvath on finishing the Mud in Your Eye Cross Country #1 on January 20, 2007. For your records, the weather that day was Sunny, 35 degrees F, 52% humidity, Wind WNW 7 mph.

    There were 34 finishers in the Male 35 to 39 age group and 432 finishers in the 5K division.

    Your overall finish place was 61, your age group finish place was 7 and your gender finish place was 55. Your time 21:52.15 gave you a 7:03 pace per mile.
    Thank you for braving the cold and coming out to the 3rd annual MIYE XC race series. For a full listing of results please visit www.mudinyoureye.kalerunning.com. For event photos visit www.triduo.com
    Happy Running,
    Team Kale

    We need to make this a rails to trails project. Imagine if you will a straight shot from Norfolk to the Beach on bikes...
    Liz, what do you think?

    Danbo-thanx for the pics! Danbo and Marco, thanx for cheering (jeering) me on during my race and waiting for me to ride afterwards.

    Friday, January 19, 2007

    TOS 06


    Thursday, January 18, 2007

    sunday morn ride


    Some other photo creds go out to danbo, jb, and kd !

    mi familia


    Tuesday, January 16, 2007

    06 cx nats elite
    another edition of crazy crash
    06 C Nats from the Sidelines...

    had to do something with these pics...
    k-dog and marco

    Sunday, January 14, 2007

    It was a good day...

    With yesterdys epic ride, I wasn't looking to repeat so I pondered the alternatives. Ah yes, I will go mountainbiking! This morn I packed everything up, and we all went to church where Jim almost slipped up there. I'm not sure if it was for real or not. I almost stood up and said " don't trip ya'll, He aint finished wit Jim yet"! That's how I like to be looked at (not judged) a work in progress...
    Afterwards, we headed up to Williamsburg to take full advantage of this wonderful weather. New Quarter Park is where we landed. Sally and Judy played in the playground and nature walked while I burned two 6 mile loops of awesome singletrack! It was sooooo nice! It's so nice to just hit the trail all by yer lonesome and ride at whatever pace you want, and become one with bike and nature. I set my suspension both front and rear to the plushest settings, and set both tire pressures to 32psi (their tubeless). What a nice setup that turned out to be! Oh, and check this out, the whole time I rode, I never shifted! Not once. I found that to be odd. It was a gear that I could spin well on the flats, and stand up and power the climbs.
    I finished up, and freshened up, and took a walk with the fam to this great scenic spot overlooking Queen Anne Lake where we shot a few pics.
    Went to City Center in Oyster Point for some lunch- it's the equivalent to our Town Center va beach va. Went to Firken's Pub for a great meal and excellent Ale. I called KJ to let him know we were in his hood, so Ken n Jen stopped by for a drink and visit. Good to see them as always!
    And of course no trip to Bad News can be complete without a stop to Trader Joe's!!!
    Before the trip back to the Beach, I had to get my grande gringo from bucks for the road. For those of you with childrens, I have been asking for and recieving a kids cup full of whipped cream for my daughter. They take one look at her, and hook the girl up. Let me know if you too can pull it off...
    Leaving the parking lot, I looked over at a car with bikes on it and recognized the driver. It was Beneline and XXXTODD's wife. Benny came over and chatted with us for a few. Man, we've known her for a loooong time! They did a ride up in the Burg as well.
    Made it home, did a few things, posted a blog, gonna relax for a bit, and hit the sack! Ya'll enjoy MLK day tomorrow!

    Next movie night, I got the movie "SNAKES ON A PLANE" YES!

    This one just cracks me up!

    but now it's a done day...

    5 bucks just for a Laugh

    While at Trader Joe's, we found the funniest beer ever!!! If you gotta ask, then ya just don't know. But if ya know? It's funny as Hellllllllll... You know we bought it, and it tastes nasty !

    Todays post coming soon...

    Saturday, January 13, 2007

    Sat Morn Ride

    So I rode from the doghouse out to Danbo's and onto the first of three Conte's loops and back to Independence and Bonney where I met up with the fam! I changed and freshened up, and me and Judster hung out all over va beach till Sal was finished with some work. Then we went out to dinner, and walked things off in the mall. I think we got home around 8pm. I was dog tired! I got 75 very nice miles in-burned 3000 calories in 4hrs of ride time. And the temps were near 70!
    Today I will be hitting the trails for some fun singletrack riding-nice and easy ...

    Crazy made it out for his first ride. Good to see him back so soon, and still riding strong. I, like Brenna was opposed to him riding so soon, and with a fast, wild bunch like us- but what Kenya do? Crazy be- as Crazy do...

    It was nice to get out there a bit early and see the sunrise at Trashmore!

    The Gathering!

    Danbo doing his favorite Pauly Walnutz pose! I think he's got it...


    Thursday, January 11, 2007


    He said I could steal it, so I'm runnin!!! Thanx Danbo.
    Whats up with spell checking Danbo--- and getting Dingo???

    Wed Night Ride!

    Yes it went on, and no, I didn't want it too! But with some coaxing, I'm glad I did. Liz, Sharon Stone, Bill G, and myself braved the 25 degree temps for a very good ride. On the road, it felt very cold, but in the woods, it felt perfect! Afterwards, we met up with some wimps, I mean Mike and Silly who sweated it out in a spin class at the Y. We all gathered and ate outside at Cogans for the usual big kahuna and breadsticks. Glad ya'll suckas forced me to ride. I will do it again tonight in honor of our fallen homie Crazy who went down hard just one week ago. He's doing much betta, but it's gonna be awhile before you see him on the road...

    Taken from Neil@Road

    Tuesday, January 09, 2007

    Ms. Dewey Outburst

    Check out this new live search engine!!! Somebody pissed her off... Try it out--searching that is

    Mrs. Dewey
    iPhone Details

    499. for the 4gb and 599. for the 8gb
    no slide outs either
    watch the iphone introduction from Steve himself on apple.com it's like one hour and forty five mins.
    Why do I have to wait till June?

    Torn Between Two Loves...

    Before ya'll start getting nervous, I'm just talking gadgets here!
    Today my new friend Steve Jobs announced the much anticipated iphone- which could be strapped to the Horvaths hips soon since we are Mac converts and all.
    Or will ol faithfull BlackBerry hurry up and make my 8800 available? A berry that does pics and music??? Heck Yea!
    Time will tell what happens to this gadget geek (aka-dork).

    Sunday, January 07, 2007

    cobblestone cross 3

    the sand pit. I only rode this because marco said he was going there to shoot some video. Didn't even know if I could do it. Oh, and Delisle is lapping me here... Welcome to the A's K-dog!
    cobblestone cross 2

    what the dog does when he sees a camera at the barriers.
    cobblestone cross 1

    The A-mens start

    Pole Green CX Race