Thursday, July 30, 2009

GamJams Review Recovery Drinks

Beer glorious Beer!
That's what I use... Shocker I know.
But after a good (or bad) race or ride what's better than a nice cold beer or three?
And it really doesn't matter what kind. Times are tough and I aint rollin so on weekly rides I generally drink the working mans classic PBR. But every once in awhile, its good to get a more high end brew.

Andy (of fat frogs) uses phos gen as shown in pic below. And I've heard of quite a few others that use it as well.

An un named source uses endurox r4 mixed with gatorade. Sounds like a bit much to me but this is all preferential remember.
I used to and I know of a lot of people who use the endurox r4 recovery drink and speak very highly of its benefits.

I've seen choco milk being used and sometimes it makes me want some.

it usually takes me a while before I can eat real food post ride/race but when I can I prefer mexican food.

Mark over at www.runriderace.com always orders pizza and that always hits the spot.

And let's not forget or look past the good ol fasion soda pop. Namely coca cola and or sunkist!

That's all I got for now. Feel free to chime in with yours in the comments section.

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Sunday, July 05, 2009


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