Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Bad

Monday, February 13, 2006

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly!!!

The good was that we had a good trip!
The bad was that I got a bad sunburn!
The Ugly was that I got food poisoning!

The Good;
we had a good group, good house, roads, HILLS, thats right people Fla has hills!
Good mileage, weather, food, COOKS, beer, pool, movies, cable TV, TV's in every room!
I got approx 400 miles in! The fellas got a bit more, you'll see why later ;-0
Gold's gym a 12 mile ride in the hills with a backpack (good stuff)
Good downtown race Saturday, the day before we left. I got 6th! Most impressive considering...
Curious George was a good movie!

Friday, February 03, 2006

Training Camp

Time to act like a PRO, and head south to warmer climates (Fla) to ride everyday for eight days!
Me, Crazy, and some fella's from the Blue team are heading down, and renting a Villa to prepare for the start of the 06 cycling season. This is something I've never done, so I'm very excited! I usually just lift weights, eat a lot, play B-ball, and do spin classes. It should be real nice to start a season fit and with a good base. So if there is a computer available, I will post some pics, and write ups. If not, then it will have to wait till I get back. Oh the thought of no computer is killing me already! Somebody better have a laptop.
Crazy and I get to do the Saturday morning road ride due to our late afternoon flight. Hopefully it's not raining. I love doing the road rides on a mountain bike. Our road bikes are on the road to Fla. Much cheaper than flying them. Everyone else is driving down, but we found very cheap flights to and fro, and jumped on em... I hate driving!

Take care, and see you all soon

DOG in Training!

Logging some miles