Tuesday, November 25, 2008

VA STATE CX Championships!

VA State CX Champs Registration

Cmon down to the Beach this weekend to play on the mounts of trash to see who will be crowned State CX Champs in each respective category!

You'll also see the official debut of the coveted and anticipated 757.CX kits!

Don't forget your COWBELLS

Bring the kids, there will be a small kids race for free! And theres a nice playground for them to be entertained.
*****Just Announced---- Raffle prizes just acquired from Contes Newport News!
A 2009 Specialized Tricross Pro frameset. This is in the form of a voucher so no matter what size you need, you will get!
Also a $150 set of lights!
I hope other local shops will see this and try to ante up.

Our raffle donations go to Meredith Nichols
We will also be doing a ride from Trashmore on New Years Day from Trashmore and passing the helmet. For more details on the specifics of that special ride click on over to Danbo's blog.

Tech Cross

This Saturday night pic is from rogues racing flickr

The campus of Va Tech is beautiful! Our race was just across from the football stadium. Reid Beloni and the whole volunteer staff did a great job all weekend in running a weekend full of quality cross racing. I will mark my calendar to do this next year, and I suggest you do too!

All of these gems are credited to Kevin Dillard of Demoncats.com
Sunday was unbelievably cold and I really was not into racing but I was there and went for a ride with a number pinned on my side. Wearing assos suit is good and warm, too warm! And at cx race pace, it becomes apparent real quick. But at least I wasn't cold!
The course was run the opposite direction of the previous evening. The wind was sick both days.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Urban CX

I will start by saying "mission accomplished"! I got my ASS handed to me twice yesterday on a very technical, long, hilly, and well thought out course that kept me very focused and on my toes.
The weather was perfect.
I first raced the masters 123 which had 19 starters. I did one pre ride lap and was not confident with my technical skills that were needed but I figured with a conservative start, they would come. And with two to go, the skills kicked in and I started riding better and more aggressive. I'm happy with my placing although I could have done better I placed where I should have... I'm used to racing in fields where towards the end of the race, racers are bonking, crashing, or other reasons that bring higher placings to me. But at this level, I'm not finding that to be. It's really cool and exciting to be fighting tooth and nail for mid-pack finishes.

I had a chance to settle down for an hour before my next race while the fast ladies put on a show. I was definately leary of my next race but gave er a go anyway.

The 123 race had 15 starters and I knew I needed at least 10th to make some cash so that was very motivating. They started much faster than the masters race and I was smart not to try and match that pace or i'd be done early. I found my place and just tried to maintain. I had 8th locked in for a while till Steven Black came from nowhere and wouldn't let me ride with him. So 9th it was. It was nice to finally have the course dialed in and to ride at the speed my legs wanted to go. I was happy to rub elbows with some really fast dudes and be pushed to higher limits than i'm used to. I feel like I will be better from it.

Thx to all who cheered me on out there! You have no idea how much that fueled me to motor on. Especially in race #2!
Thx to everyone who made the event happen! Everything was great!

A lot of my peeps raced really well, and that was good to see...

I'm not sure what's next.

All these pics are courtesy of Ruth Stornetta and her gallery of pics from the masters 123 and 123 races can be found here---Urban Cx pics from Ruth

some press,

c-ville news

Saturday, November 08, 2008


I'm sitting here in c-ville anticipating not only one ass whoopin, but two!
You see, tomorrow I am registered for two of the fastest races regionally.
And I say "bring it"! Kick my ass, make me better, stronger, faster, and stuff! I haven't raced since Granogue, and due to the weather this past week, I've been off the bike for a week. I have been in the gym all week though. I love the gym---im hooked! Its just a fling as I can't commit to it.
Today was a killer ride on the CX bike wreaking havoc on the Saturday morning roadie ride. We detoured through seashore state park for some off road fun. But I'm feeling kinda sore from it.

So when you see the results and hear the stories from tomorrows race, just know that I'm here for fun and good hard training! Its not often I can get in a caliber field yet in a small setting.


Thursday, November 06, 2008

impromptu cx this saturday!

Tidewater Challenge

Is very Challenging!

When you take a few years off from this race, you forget just how hard it can be.

I love this race because Steve puts on a top notch event at the amateur level. The course is always very well groomed,and I get to see people I haven't seen in like forever!
I enjoyed watching the early races and cheering folks on, especially those enduro freaks! In doing so, I failed to ride around and or get my warm up on (ooops).

On my first lap of the race (exp vet) I spun out on a slick root climb, and toppled over. Not too terrible, but my group rode away. I dug pretty deep and caught back on and tried to be competitive but I quickly found that I wasn't hitting on much. I was just cruising along and the fun actually stopped, and so did I. It's all good, I will be back next year and I will be more prepared. I was happy to quickly change and get back to spectating mode. I was proud of a lot of my peeps who did really well!

This pic is from Carlos' wife Onya, good to see ya'll out there! This is me getting outta there thinking next year will be better.