Thursday, November 06, 2008

Tidewater Challenge

Is very Challenging!

When you take a few years off from this race, you forget just how hard it can be.

I love this race because Steve puts on a top notch event at the amateur level. The course is always very well groomed,and I get to see people I haven't seen in like forever!
I enjoyed watching the early races and cheering folks on, especially those enduro freaks! In doing so, I failed to ride around and or get my warm up on (ooops).

On my first lap of the race (exp vet) I spun out on a slick root climb, and toppled over. Not too terrible, but my group rode away. I dug pretty deep and caught back on and tried to be competitive but I quickly found that I wasn't hitting on much. I was just cruising along and the fun actually stopped, and so did I. It's all good, I will be back next year and I will be more prepared. I was happy to quickly change and get back to spectating mode. I was proud of a lot of my peeps who did really well!

This pic is from Carlos' wife Onya, good to see ya'll out there! This is me getting outta there thinking next year will be better.


  • At 8:51 AM EST , Blogger angry buddhist said...

    especially if you were on a bike that would have eaten up them bumps and kept ya rollin.

    at least you did not get yer mellon hurt.

  • At 9:15 AM EST , Blogger Kevin said...

    True That J! Hopefully 09 will have that in my future...

    You used crack dealer tactics on me. Let me use the best (Pivot) bike in the industry, and then take it away. Now nothing else will do! I must Pivot sooner rather than later...


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