Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Good Beer!

Monday, May 28, 2007

New Quarter

ChrisD , Winder , Gener, and Myself went up to New Quarter park for some good ol MTB iking! We had a blast! We ran into Dave Olds and Pam Zimmerman. Pam was just chillin while Dave burned a few laps (his last one with us). Pam is healing up slowly but surely, and she is very thankful, and optimistic!
We also ran into Jerry Hadley who burned a lap with us as well. The more the merrier.
The weather was very hot and humid. Camelback would be a nice way to go, but none of us had one. (Dave did)
In order to get a drink from the bottle, one had to risk losing contact from the group, and or crashing as this course offers little room for recovery. It's a lot of fun though.
We all had full susp bikes except for Marco running the hardtail Gary Fisher. Although the Mavic Crossmax rims with Specialized Pro tubeless tires surely made it feel like a magic carpet ride. The tires claim to be 2.1's but they look HUGE, and when run at 30psi, you can just imagine how they hook up...
My Cannondale Scalpel was running hot as usual. It's a great, plush ride thats fast and comfy, just a bit on the heavy side. Ran into a Giant Anthem that I just fell in love with... Could it be???
Everybody was riding well, and getting better by the lap. It's funny how quickly the technical skills can come back.

Yukkin it up with Pam!

Marco X-ing it up!

The Dog trying toX it up, instead just grabbing some air

The crew taking yet another breather

Dave offering up some words of wisdom...

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Wintergreen Ascent Photos

GilbertCravens Picasa
Thanks to Gilbert, We have some visual footage of the pain we went thru during this years Wintergreen Ascent!
Click the handy dandy link to view his public gallery of photos. Last I saw him, he was off of that roller thingy and actually walking. So the healing process seems to be moving along.
In the meantime for yoour viewing pleasure-- here's a tasty lil photo of me (go figure). It's actually one of the least painful pics of me on that mtn. Unfortunately, my time was the same as last year. I say, not bad for not seeing mtns...
I must say that the slightly heavier CAAD 9 felt better than the CAAD 8 due to the stiffness and power transfer. Also the Mavic Ksyrium wheels with TUFO sewups glued on em really felt like a welcomed addition.
The main thing is that the team did well and is holding a slight lead in the BAR for team, men, and women...
It's not gonna be easy this year.

Team Tactics 101

Sometimes you gotta do whatch gotta do...
Nisbet has been running kinda hot lately, so we figured we try to get into his head and rattle him that way.
First we gave him a flat on the bike during the race. I immediately radioed in for the team tow truck to do it's thing.
As he was awaiting to get into the field for a free lap what does he see? That's right the team tow truck hauling his Vee Dub away! I think it worked as Greco was able to nip him at the line for 2cnd. I'm in your head now Jonathon, you're mine! : )

Good luck at BikeJam, and Somerville!

Crackberry Addiction...

this looks unbelievably slick!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

U B Trippin!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I found some pics from Beer Fest...

Wish I had known we had the camera during ChrisD's party!
Sunday's ride was super!
We did the responsible thing and took Sally up on her offer to cart us there and back. Thanx so much for doing that... The 3 amigos had a blast!

The Mastermind always has a wheel spinning!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Paris Hilton goes to jail!


Friday, May 11, 2007

Ol Girl had a Dance Recital today

It was outstanding! We're so proud...


This ad is F'n Awesome!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Say Cheese you Cheesy Bastards!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


JB does it again! Another great race digitally captured through the lens of whatever model Canon he's up to now! Check em out...
Here's a few gems I selected

Marco Winder throwin down some official business in a most serious manner

BJ peace'n out while Bob manuevers the Z-3 around the course as a classy pace car

Art looking for some breath as Sharon Stone and I catch up on ol times! Mind you-Art is still coming back from a nasty wreck that landed him in the hospital for about a week with a punctured lung, bruised ribs, and other stuff. Keep at it, man. Sharon, good to see you, as well as everyone else at the Norfolk ride Monday night.

KD was in the house! His pics should be up soon. In the meantime, checkout all of his other photos. And look at the raw section of close up shots. See if you can find yourself. See if you can find me...

Monday, May 07, 2007

This weekend felt like work!

Photo creds so far go out to Danbo, and The Samuels----thanx!

Friday afternoon Crazy,Brenna, and I headed for the hills of wintergreen leaving early enough to beat the traffic. It is a great advantage if you can do it to stay up in Wintergreen for the TT rather than drive up that morning. I don't know why I can't climb better than I do. I mean i've got a climbers body make up yet my times never reflect that. Maybe it's the sprinter in me, yea, that's it! I have never seen so many sub 40 min times up there. People are on fire this year! The team did really well. Our biggest hill here is the pungo ferry bridge mind you.
This year we had to boogie right after awards because we hosted the Norfolk Cycling Classic the day after. I would have much rathered stayed up in the mountains for the group ride Sunday, but we had work to do.
Sunday we were fortunate to avoid the rain, but the wind, my oh my the wind was insane! I'd say it was dangerous. I ride in the wind about as good as I climb which aint sayin much so I was glad to see in the masters race Marco made the first group of three, Danbo made the second group of three. I had a free ride in the group. I waited for the last lap and launched a power move into the cobbles and the wind tunnel got a gap and just barely held it at the line. A Fat Frogger was dangling out there in no mans land for seventh, so I got eighth. That was a good race for us.
The three race had a bunch of us in it and my legs were starting to feel all of this weekends efforts. losing my bottle with 13 to go(in the masters race) didn't help matters either. I saw a nice break of three form up the road and it looked good but I missed it. I tried to get jrvs to work with us and either get us up the road or bring that move back. After a while I tried to solo up to it and did for a brief moment, but it took me a good three laps by my lonesome in that damn wind so when I got there I was rendered useless. It would have been nice to have fresh legs so I could have played more. I went back to the group and tried to recover which I did, but felt crampage with most efforts so I chillaxed to fight another day. The weather kept a lot of spectators away, but those that were there were awesome! Thanx for the cheers. I always try and put on a show at this home event...
The rest of the day I stood at the 180 degree turn one for my volunteering efforts.
Speaking of flags Tripp brought his giant flag of Flanders and held it at the cobbles, that was awesome!

More later with pics, but I have to get back to work people!!!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Name that movie...

Cinco de Mayo

This will be quite the showdown... Wheres your money???

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Snowball makeup

The Snowball makeup happened this past Sunday with perfect weather and almost all of the top guys showing up to train and show whos got what for this Sundays Downtown Norfolk Crit!

This picture was taken by BJ Samuel using none other than a Nikon D-Fitty!

Early on in the A race a break went up the road, it looked good so a few others joined and soon 10 dudes lapped the field.
The photo shows a nice sprint finish spanning the width of the spacious road.
(NOTE---- Both Nisbet, and Geno raced the Harrisonburg crit the day before on Saturday both winning their respective races) I was fortunate to race with both of them. Congrats to all!

In the B race Mike Lirrette slipped away on a solo flyer with 3 laps to go, and held it to win with Andy Wallace taking the field sprint!

Loooked like fun, but we had a delicious 60 miles on the Blue Ridge Parkway Sunday!