Sunday, September 30, 2007

Virginia Beach Sportsplex Crit #2!

Team Brokeback

Good to see you out and about Rick! You too Danbo!

Father and Son!

the one and only smeeotch!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

He almost loses it...

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The First Ever Va Beach Soccer Stadium Crit!!!!!

It's wierd to be at the end of September and still racing on the road, but here we are... After a hard fought 3 loops of the Sat morn stage race, I threw my hat in the ring for a crit on the freshly paved crit loop at the va beach sports plex. I picked up some really nice Specialized all condition tires that just so happen to match my Slingshot color scheme (red, black, and white). They're working really nice and look forward to using them for winter miles.
The course is a .7 mile blacktop with no curbs and no sharp turns to speak of. 20 of us in the A group lined up and had a heck of a time facing the heat, wind, and speed. You can tell the guys who've hung it up for the season, and those who are still holding onto some form. My intent was to work as much as possible, and get used to speed on the CX bike. I think it went well... Before long groups were formed and it was hard to figure what was what. But then again, I usually have a hard time with that anyway. It was good to see three CX out there! Next week, I want to see MORE!
I envision good things to come from this venue in the future, and if you can---come out and support local racing!

Many of you have seen or know of jonathan Devich the photographer of the pro peleton...
Well I got a hold of his Dad--- Bob Devich who lit the fire for his love of the camera.
I put him in a headlock and said "gimme some photos man"!
Just kidding ;-)
I begged and pleaded for some photos for my blog. He said "whats a blog"?
Bob is also a big part of getting this race course built and setup for us.
so enjoy!

After the race I had to hydrate, and do a ton of yardwark at the new doghouse, and clear out the garage, and prep it for a fresh floor covering that will make it SWEET! The house is now ours and a lot of work will be put in this week before the big move down the street next weekend...

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Damn you red wine! Damn you straight to hell!

Friday, September 21, 2007

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The Show Must Go ON!!!

We cancelled Trashmore CX practice due to rain and an agreement not to mess up the grass on the hills...
But we are talking about CX weather so the plan b turned into Seashore State Park!
Here I thought i'd be riding all by myself in the sand and rain till to my suprise my email made it out to a bunch of folks.
Markrell, Joshua, Jimmy D, and Shawn B showed up raring to go.
We burned the multi-use trail all the way out and back. I was suprised to see some areas still dry.
We all kept it at a steady to hard pace, and towards the end I was on the rivets, but I wasn't gonna say it. Josh and I hung on to Markrells wheel to the finish. Jimmy and Shawn hit the road back 3/4's the way thru.
We got a lot of skill work in the out of control sand pits!!!
The cool thing about CX is that you can ride your bike in any weather. It reminds me of childlike play when i ride in the mud or crappy conditions.
My bike is dirty-------well hose the bitch off and HTFU!!!!!!!

I see that we're gonna have to start an email group or something...
BTW---my email is kevinhorvath@tmo.blackberry.net
Thanks Albe for passing along that email...

Tomorrow morning CX bikes with road tires
Sunday the first ever VA Beach training crits at the soccer stadium!
Get your CX speed workouts on by hanging on to the roadie wheels!!!

Thanx for sharing the pics Josh!!!


In honor of the road filled weekend, I picked up some Speacialized All Condition tires that match my SlingShot perfectly!
They're heavy, thick, and perfect for the upcoming winter miles I intend on doing later this year.
Oh, and that sand washed right off, and I don't feel sick!

Good Luck to everyone doing the Charm City Cross race Sunday! Wish I was there!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The New Specialized Transition

Lastnight Conte's Bike & Fitness hosted a Special invitation only event showcasing the latest and greatest bike against the clock!
Good peeps, good food, too much wine (for me)...

I said it was invitational, not "Members Only"

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Trashmore CX !!!

All photos and video shot and shared by Danbo!

The Judster!

The Culprit

The Long Road Home

It's All Good!

Me and the Judster went out for a little spin this afternoon. We went
off-road for the first time and she was rockin!
As we were doing laps around the retreat (a retirement community
still under construction) she hit a big patch of sand and wobbled out
of control and took a spill.
I must say that she crashed well, but has road rash on her elbow,
hip, and knee! It really hurt me to see my baby girl hit the pavement
so hard.
I told her that no one could have ridden thru that mound of sand. I
had to comfort her and calm her enough to remount and ride back home
which she did like a trooper.
We got her all cleaned up and two patches of Tagederm later, she's
good to go. I took her grocery shopping with me to keep her moving
and get her mind off of it.
I put her in the huge car cart and let her pick out a bunch of
goodies. All is well, just thought i'd share cuz you know I had the

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Blah Blah Blah

It's Friday Night past midnight so officially its Saturday! Why am I up when the Sat Morn Stage race is on tomorrow? (er sat morn va beach group ride)
Registration for Cross Natz opens up at 1:01am today so I'm having a lil reg party with me, myself, and no not lil dupree, I.
That's right, we're going to cross natz in Kansas City baby! Since going to cx natz last year in RI, I just knew i'd make it back to the big dance. It is such an experience. It is very key to have a decent starting position so the registration thang plays a big role.

I hope the rain holds off as I will be rollin the DD-X with my tubular knobbies full on! It's such a great top end speed workout duking it out with the roadies on the cx rig. I look forward to getting together with some special friends tomorrow!

After all that I've got to do some painting as we found a wonderful family to rent our condo. They have two little boys so Judy's pink and purple room has got to be transformed to blue. The big move is at the end of the month for us and things are falling into place nicely.

Tonight we met up at Friendly's with one of Judy's classmates for dinner and ice cream followed up with some miniature golf. That was fun, but putting is HARD!

I have like thirty minutes left so I will post some pics that Danbo took this past Thursday night at Trashmore. He's supposed to hook me up with some video footage as well which I will work with and post as soon as i can...

Thursday, September 13, 2007


The DD-X is dialed in and I'm really happy with her... I call her that because shes DD. Not Dee Dee as the badass Dee Dee Winfield that makes it a goal of hers to try and lap me in a cx race which didn't happen last time... So I call the bike D D, thats the story, it's my story and I'm sticking with it!
The photo here is pretty much the way she'll run in a race. Oddly enough her first races may just be some crits! Tidewater Bike Racing Club is putting on some races at the Virginia Beach Soccer Stadium Sept 23rd and 30th So I will be throwing some road wheels on DD and working on some speed. Sounds pretty sweet, and I get to stay close to home which makes everyone happy. With the move coming up at the end of the month, there's a lot to do.
Tonight was another Trashmore cross practice ride and DD did awesome! I wasn't feeling so great but did my best at keeping Crazy in sight. Two days ago we went faster and longer. Hopefully these hard and long race type efforts will pay off.
I'm very happy with the way the Slingshot rides both on and off road. There's a well balanced blend of aluminum and carbon. It's not flexy at all yet it's very comfortable and light! And for me, a big factor is looks, she looks sweet with the matte black and nude carbon.
Last weekend I did three stages of the Saturday morning group race er I mean ride. All in all, i did 50 miles with the roadies while I was rolling with full knobbies and 50psi compact cranks with 50/34 up front and a 12/25 in the back. It was a killer workout, and thought it was a good pre-ironcross ride. The next day was a Danbo led ironcross leadup ride in Williamsburg totalling another 50 miles of rolling roads and fireroads. So, me and ol DD are getting along just fine, and I'm so glad we were introduced (thanx Jason). I hope she never becomes my EX! But we are dealing with a woman here...
If you're looking for a really good all arounder, this is it!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

This Just In...

Fowler of SR-Racing is now a Cat 1 ! Congrats!

In other news, T Karnes is now a 3 ! Woot

Friday, September 07, 2007

Trashmore Cross Practice...

All photos thanx to Dan Gibson