Monday, April 30, 2007

Harrisonburg Crit

I snagged these pics from across the net. The little on is from Danbo from the 2cnd story parking garage 2 blocks away.
The rest can be found using GamJams

There's so much to write about, and so much not to write about... Just thinking about it has me a little groggy ;-)
I'm going to bed so I can be fresh to write another day!
Are there any pics out there? Are there any results out there?
How bout those two chicks that took a pic of me and ran off giggling? Where will that badboy surface?

Friday, April 27, 2007

24 solo

Going to watch this with the fellas after the Harrisonburg Crit tomorrow! Should be great!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

A True Gem!

Found this puppy in the Cat 4 Gallery of JB's pics from the Casey Crit (which look fabulous btw)!
I saw this happen live.
After the breakaway of three came through, here comes the field sprint taken by none other than last years cat 5 BAR champ letting us know whats up with outstretched hands reaching for the heavens. I could not believe it. All in favor of taking the BAR skinsuit away say "I"...

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Caught this show last night thanks to The Tony Bruno show! The Workout on Bravo Tues nights!
Very Nice

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Casey Crit

Well I was waiting on some pics and results to help me with my post, but I will go with what I've got so far. Cuz I can see ya'll are looking for some juice! Especially Norfolk...
Man, I thought I was getting lucky this year with allergies, till yesterday when my luck ran out bigtime! What a mess.

JRVS put on the Casey (shamrock) Crit Sunday, and once again did an outstanding job! Thanks to the officiating crew too...

I did the 30+ race first, and it was short and fast with many attacks but none sticky enough to stick. A lot of people were riding around with big bullseyes on the back of their jerseys. Thats got to be frustrating...
It came down to a field sprint taken handily by Cam. That sprint started so late, it was at the gate. The narrowest part of the course. I got sandwiched in the middle and managed an 8th place finish. I'm just glad everyone stayed upright. The masters cats really know how to ride and race well.
There was a huge time gap between that race and my next race, so I got changed, pulled up a chair in the shade, and relaxed. That 123 race looked very fast! And after awhile, there was nowhere to hide. Glad I didn't do it...
It was an exciting race to watch. Congrats to Geno Fowler on the awesome sprint, even after dropping the chain!

The cat3 race was a lot of fun, and a lot of work. J-law was insane! He initiated every move by just staying away the whole race only to change passengers here and there. When I saw him and Nisbet together I knew it was good, and when a JRVS rider joined, it was even better. Three big teams were represented, so it should stick. I covered one good attack which took me right up to the break. We initially worked ok together but before long it was J-law doing most of the work with Nisbet and I doing the rest. I'm just learning this breakaway stuff as I've never had this kind of fitness to be in one before. But I sure aint gonna get in one, and just sit on. Thats crazy talk! I knew Nisbet was gonna win, but tri-power should have gotten 2cnd and 3rd. It's all good, I had a great time, and the crowd sure seemed to enjoy it. On our cooldown lap, there was a warm reception of cheers, and applause. Good heads up racing, and team work. Congrats Nisbet!!!

Afterwards, we hit the trails for some great mountain biking just down the road. What and Epic day!

Thanks to my fam for letting the dog go out and play with the fellas all day! Got home just in time to say goodnight to the Judster.

the break

Carol taking Rachel at the line with a nice bike throw (i love bike throws)

Crazy and Sorrel caught the field by suprise on the final two laps and snuck away not to be lapped. Very nice!

Gener kicked my ass all week only to be sick on sunday and suffered. Heal up boy, we gotta ride today!


Monday, April 23, 2007

Scarlet Jo-who?

Old Spice for MEN!

So it's my deoderant! I am Manly!!!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Box in a Box

Mr. Bender told me about this one! If you don't know about junk in a box, then this won't make much sense to ya!
Not that it really matters, it's box in a box BABY!

this week in radio

Everyday I listen to NPR. There are two days I really look forward to for two particular shows.

Tuesday at 1pm is the The Thomas Jefferson Hour

Friday at 1pm is This American Life

Todays episode, My Reputation

Today at 11am on point had a very interesting show that actually made me look more into when I got home to the computer. See for yourself.
Todays episode
Some simple sadness, the occasional melancholy, is part of a normal life, he says, and getting rid of them may mean getting rid of the soul.
Sounds like a great convo in a coffee shop...
A blog about the magazine article
You aint gotta look at it or listen to it, I'm just sayin I found it quite interestingly thought, and conversation provoking.

I subscribe to most of these via podcast, and usually listen to them in the gym...

Have a great weekend, Spring is here!


Another Fave!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

One of my new Fave shows

for those who just Love drama!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Some HOT Business!

What goes around...

Who says you can't go Home!

Got this lovely idea from Mr.Russell . He left a comment that made me think of this Bon Jovi song.

"Who Says You Can't Go Home"

I spent 20 years trying to get out of this placeI was looking for something I couldn't replace
I was running away from the only thing I've ever known
Like a blind K-dog without a bone
I was a gypsy lost in the twilight zone
I hijacked a rainbow and crashed into a pot of gold
I been there, done that and I ain't lookin' back on the seeds I've sown,Saving dimes, spending too much time on the telephone
Who says you can't go home

[Chorus]Who says you can't go homeThere's only one place they call me one of their ownJust a hometown boy, born a rolling stone, who says you can't go homeWho says you can't go back, been all around the world and as a matter of factThere's only one place left I want to go, who says you can't go homeIt's alright, it's alright, it's alright, it's alright, its alright

I went as far as I could, I tried to find a new faceThere isn't one of these lines that I would erase
I lived a million miles of memories on that road
With every step I take I know that I'm not alone
You take the home from the boy, but not the boy from his home
These are my streets, the only life I've ever known,who says you can't go home

I been there, done thatand I ain't looking thatIt's been a long long roadFeels like I never left, that's how the story goes
It doesn't matter where you are, it doesn't matter where you goIf it's a million miles aways or just a mile up the roadTake it in, take it with you when you go,who says you can't go home
It's alright, it's alright, it's alright, it's alright, its alrightWho says you can't go home [x2]

Where in the World is Arto?

It was a cool and windy day yesterday, but that didn't keep any of the usual suspects inside.
Danbo decided to give the legs a try at the Tues night hammerfest. He made it to the end in the lead group! As did Gener, Bill, Tim, and myself. Gener added some violent efforts that shook a lot of people loose, and nearly did me in.

After over a week off the bike, and no workouts, I was relieved to make it in with the leaders. Even if I did skip a pull or two...

We lost Art along the way. He was hanging tough for over half of the ride. Instead of waiting for people who know the route, or grabbing a que sheet, he decided to head west where the sun was setting. Whatever logic that was... As we (Me, Danbo, Bill, and Tim) ventured out on a search and rescue mission Art found a 7-11 and they kindly let him use the phone, and he somehow had Tim's cell number in his head. Danbo, and I knew his location so we led the caravan over to South Battlefield just below Hickory High! That was way off the beaten path, and we never would have looked out there. All this excitement got us hungry, so we rolled up on Chesapeake Pizza. Haven't been there in a while, good stuff!


We were all scratching our heads at this one

On a sidenote, the Beamer is fixed! I replaced the thermostat and upper hose. Danbo and I tested it out to and from the ride last night---it's good.
Thanx Gener for coming over and helping me route and get that belt on! Sorry about your finger...

Tour de Georgia

Check out the insiders view and other fun stuff happening down in GA.
Neil@Road has videos and write ups up!
Road magazine is HOT!

Monday, April 16, 2007

What Happened Today

What happened today has just made me sick! Theres a lot going on, but once again i'm reminded of how fragile life is. My heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to all who are and were affected by what went down today at Virginia Tech...

Friday, April 13, 2007

Absolutely Amazing!

We had a great time in NYC! We are now in NJ staying in a hotel in our hometown. Early this afternoon we left the hustle and bustle of NYC thru the Lincoln tunnel under the Hudson river to good ol NJ. First things first, check into our room, and get settled in. Next stop was the infamous Eagle Rock Diner or as we used to call it the "E.R.D". As high schoolers, this used to be the hangout all thru the night. This was mostly Sally's stop as she was an up the hill'er, and I was a down the hill'er. You see, our town was made up of a mountian. And the rich kids mostly lived "up the hill", and then there was me and my people "down the hill". Trust me, there really was a distinction, and fights too! I must say I'm happy and proud to be in the generation of kids that merged the barrier of up and down the hill, and just made a huge group of kids hanging out and doing what kids do...
We ordered up the favorite from back in the day----french fries with brown gravy, and cheese! Sounds nasty, but its great. And it really stirs up some wild and crazy old memories. Afterwards we drove across the street to the Eagle Rock Reservation (kinda like our state parks). Anotherplace where we as kids would go and hangout and drink and get rowdy, and do the things that kids do... This place is quite famous for its view of the NYC skyline. Why, its such a great view that on the 4th of July people would bpass the local firework shows to watch the ones in the city. Not us, we would go to the ones held at our West Orange High School!
Then it was a little road trip (40mins) to northern jersey to pay a little visit to my Grandparents who are both in a nursing home and I'm happy to report that they are doing very well. Last time we visited, they weren't doing so well, so this was good. My Mom, and step Dad met us there, and my Aunt and Uncle were there so it was great to see all of them. All of this wears the old folks out so we let them be, and the rest of us went for dinner at a nice little local establishment called The Thirsty Moose where we literally feasted!
After that we parted ways, and visited our old high school, and Sally's house that she grew up in. Judy has been very very interested to see where we grew up and went to school. It's great to see that some things haven't changed, and some change, and growth is good.
Currently, we're nestled up in our hotel room in Jerz watching Mary Poppins!
Tomorrow is a tour of West Orange and more of the places we grew up, lived, and learnd in! Topped off with a dinner meeting with a bunch of the girls that Sally used to hang out with from high school, and their husbands and kids. I went to school with them too, but they didn't talk to me. But they knew who I was!!!
Then it will be time to head home----->good ol Chesapeake Virginia!
Stay tuned for the NYC write up!

In the meantime, I started a smugmug account to follow in JB's footsteps...

I really do miss all my peeps down in VA and riding, and working out, but this week has been great! Liz, we aint back yet-----Sunday night, Baby!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Jersey, Here We Come!

C-ya NYC! It's been real...

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Monday, April 09, 2007

More from the Rock

From the top of the Rock!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter Erbody!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Linkin Park


Live in Texas!

Woke up this morn to a busterry mix of rain, sleet, and snow which is not condusive to me doing the Saturday morning (stage race) ride! Fortunately, I had a back up plan in order. Two spin classes back to back at Gold's Gym was an excellent alternative. All in all I spent two and a half hours on the bike non-stop. Lots of sweat. Class #2 was led by Linkin Park Mark. He's changed up his game, and didn't play any Linkin Park or Nickleback but I will continue to refer to him as LPM! He has started to ride on the road and it's showing in his class. I like it when my spin intsructors actually ride. He is getting a group of rooks together to do the Tour De Cure. I love to see people getting others involved, and for a good cause to boot.

So what am I saying? Nothing as usual... Linkin Park is one of my fave bands! They're so angry. Some of ya'll get me so angry that I put in some LP and get all AGGRO! That usually does the trick. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Floyd Fairness Fund

JB photo


Thursday, April 05, 2007

Some Gems from Sunday!

Sometimes it's not how ya do, it's how ya look doing it...
Hopefully my TT's will get better soon!

D-Bo was trying to pass me since the turn around. Even though he beat me by like a minute, or something, I wasn't having him pass me. Even if it had to come down to a sprint finish!!!

Trevor'sPicasa If you were at the races this weekend, check out Trevor's pics!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


This Movie is playing Friday Night at the beach! Holla if ya wanna meet me there or before somewhere!

rap impersonations

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


That was one fast ride today---->6pm---> starting at Great Bridge Cyclery. There was a rather large group to start, and the weather was nice to start. It's kind of chilly now. You can tell the weather will be different tomorrow...
A big mix of riders from varying clubs and race teams and such headed out to the lightly traveled roads of southern Chesapeake. Before long the pace picked up, and the selection was made. We had a big group up front and everyone was working hard. Those All About Bikers are really coming along, getting very strong. It was a good ride, and I got an excellent workout!
Afterwards Bill G helped me break the ice at the new Chichos across the street from my house. I can see myself walking over there a time or two this summer!!!
Just what the Dog ordered after a hectic day at work!

Monday, April 02, 2007

pretty cool

My race #. I got 7th in 30+ and 3rd in cat 3!

GamJams posted its photo of the day submitted by JBphotoblog
We all know how JB is with photos, but gamjams is making it's way as THE cycling hub of the Mid-Atlantic and then some. If you've never seen it, click em out!