Friday, April 13, 2007

Absolutely Amazing!

We had a great time in NYC! We are now in NJ staying in a hotel in our hometown. Early this afternoon we left the hustle and bustle of NYC thru the Lincoln tunnel under the Hudson river to good ol NJ. First things first, check into our room, and get settled in. Next stop was the infamous Eagle Rock Diner or as we used to call it the "E.R.D". As high schoolers, this used to be the hangout all thru the night. This was mostly Sally's stop as she was an up the hill'er, and I was a down the hill'er. You see, our town was made up of a mountian. And the rich kids mostly lived "up the hill", and then there was me and my people "down the hill". Trust me, there really was a distinction, and fights too! I must say I'm happy and proud to be in the generation of kids that merged the barrier of up and down the hill, and just made a huge group of kids hanging out and doing what kids do...
We ordered up the favorite from back in the day----french fries with brown gravy, and cheese! Sounds nasty, but its great. And it really stirs up some wild and crazy old memories. Afterwards we drove across the street to the Eagle Rock Reservation (kinda like our state parks). Anotherplace where we as kids would go and hangout and drink and get rowdy, and do the things that kids do... This place is quite famous for its view of the NYC skyline. Why, its such a great view that on the 4th of July people would bpass the local firework shows to watch the ones in the city. Not us, we would go to the ones held at our West Orange High School!
Then it was a little road trip (40mins) to northern jersey to pay a little visit to my Grandparents who are both in a nursing home and I'm happy to report that they are doing very well. Last time we visited, they weren't doing so well, so this was good. My Mom, and step Dad met us there, and my Aunt and Uncle were there so it was great to see all of them. All of this wears the old folks out so we let them be, and the rest of us went for dinner at a nice little local establishment called The Thirsty Moose where we literally feasted!
After that we parted ways, and visited our old high school, and Sally's house that she grew up in. Judy has been very very interested to see where we grew up and went to school. It's great to see that some things haven't changed, and some change, and growth is good.
Currently, we're nestled up in our hotel room in Jerz watching Mary Poppins!
Tomorrow is a tour of West Orange and more of the places we grew up, lived, and learnd in! Topped off with a dinner meeting with a bunch of the girls that Sally used to hang out with from high school, and their husbands and kids. I went to school with them too, but they didn't talk to me. But they knew who I was!!!
Then it will be time to head home----->good ol Chesapeake Virginia!
Stay tuned for the NYC write up!

In the meantime, I started a smugmug account to follow in JB's footsteps...

I really do miss all my peeps down in VA and riding, and working out, but this week has been great! Liz, we aint back yet-----Sunday night, Baby!


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