Monday, March 31, 2008

Virginia Duathlon

Mega-Dog took on the 2008 edition of the Virginia Duathlon (VaDu) held for the first time at this location Chippokes Plantation state park Surry Va.
We are a mixed relay team of Meaghann (runner), and the Dog (bike). I think its a perfect name.
The weather was horrible. I knew it was gonna be cold, but was unaware that precip was a factor. It started as a few flurries, then a steady sprinkling of ice which lasted for all of her first run and all of my ride. It then changed over to full on rain. A true mixed bag, I love that term!
The warm up consisted of staying warm, and dry in the car!
So she ran, I rode, she ran again- we froze.
They gave us a duck that said we got 1st place! Sweet. We got our ducks in a row and got the hell outta there!
I've ridden in rain, snow, ice (you know, mixed bag) and wind before, and colder temps. But somehow, this was the coldest ride I've ever done.
Once again, props tokalerunning crew for putting on the du in really bad conditions.
Results were posted same day...
Photos are on the way.

The Jeff Cuppers were in very similar conditions. My mates did stellar up there.
I will read every report I see cuz I back reports.

Toothy stayed poot! Life is Good.
Hip is bad, made an appointment for a looksy...


Our baby turned 7 Saturday!

Into The Wild

into the wild

A while back, a dear friend o mine sent me Eddie Vedder's solo cd of "Into The Wild".
I found it to be a fitting listen whilst running through the Arboretum.

I saw via i-tunes that the audiobook was avail so I made the purchase and began reading (er) listening...

As I was getting through the book, I saw that the movie was coming to dvd ( i know, it just keeps getting better).

Another friend gifted me the movie on i-tunes, and I watched it on the i-pod touch!

Good tunes, good book, good movie! Do it all, and in that order.

We all have our wild thoughts and whims... Why I recently had my own into the wild life altering experience. I came out unscathed and centuries the wiser. Although I don't recommend answering every call of the wild, some, you just must...
Be wild, and careful out there!

Saturday, March 29, 2008


A couple of weeks ago I got a temp cap on my tooth while a fresh crown is being made.
It's been going great up untill this morning.
After completing loop one of the 3 ring circus, I felt that some quick nutrition was needed, so I ripped open a bag of clif bloks. Love those things, but their stickiness loved my temp cap which I forgot about till it pulled out! Oh, what a nasty feeling it is to roll your tongue over a stub of a tooth... (brush up kids, twice a day)
Being the badass that I am, I didn't tell anyone and put it in my jersey pocket and rolled out for loop two which was a blast! I did work, and decided to roll the tail wind back to Bucks and wrap things up. I freshened up, and grabbed a nice cozy chair before all those crazy cyclists took over the joint! It was a nice change hanging out indoors. You get to have nice one on one convo's...
After getting hold of an on call dentist, they told me to pick up some dental glue at the local pharmacy. The glue didn't work well or feel right, so I just cleaned the residual off, and popped it back in there and viola! It's in...

Anyways, I thought I'd share the excitement, and entertainment with my peeps cuz afterall, isn't that what blogs are for??? It aint always cat 3 race reports!

Speaking of Peeps, I loved Easter week because my kitchen was full of Peeps! Usually I get up so early that i'm alone for most of the time, not this week... Every morning I was greeted by about fifteen or twenty Peeps hanging out in the kitchen to which i'd say "whasssup, my Peeps"!!!
I just hurt my case here with bad toothy and sugar coated Easter candies. Oh well, you gets nothing but the truth here on the k-blogg!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Guitar Hero...

Now that Velocity is over with, we saw it fit to have a little graduation party for this small group who've evolved into closer friends than we were before it started.
You get to see a lot of people in 20 sessions of the red zone...
So lastnight a few of us ran, one rode, we came back and had some food, and drinks. The kids played and watched kid stuff. The chicks talked, the dudes talked, then it was time to rock!
Thanks to Jon, and Leah for bringing guitar hero over to get the Horvaths' hooked like the rest of ya'll are ;-)
It's harder than I thought!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

VBW Smackdown!

This race was put on by the Virginia Beach Wheelman who are a great bunch of guys and girls and family. They really have a great thing going on, and if it weren't for my long stint with Tri-Power, there's no doubt that I'd be rolling with this group. They make me feel like family more than any other of the organized groups out there. I wear there jersey a lot on training rides... Much respect. And dammit, nice job in putting on the race! It was a good course, and well run.
See ya'll freaks Monday night!

I did two races-----30+ (10th place)
Cat 3--------(17th)

Crazy was sick all weekend, no racing. Sucks because he's on good form!

In the Cat 3 race the young Gunz got things started right and quick with Ian, Tyler, and Bender. They caught me by suprise. By the time I saw the threat of this break on lap one, I was in no mans land trying to bridge to no avail... Good job to all in the break, and Stu for sneaking away late in the race and sticking it!
Bendo looks like a freakin giant here!

The Cat 4 finish was HOT! Look at the chick in the background with hands held high!

The Cat 3 line up. Look at all that RED!

My Gramps and I always called my Grams Darth (her name is Dorothy. So I figured I'd put a lil sum on my bike to pay tribute to her greatness... It's been a hard week, but it was great to come back home to a weekend of racing! Thank you all for the kind words and everything, we truly have a family like community here in the 757. And who doesn't have a Grandparent that they Love, Loved, Cherrish, Cherrished, and always remember?

Dismal Dash was well----DISMAL! I went backwards a few mins from last year... Wooooops. 109:and change, ouch.Results can be found here
BTW___if you need top notch electronic precise timing of your event, please contact kalerunning. They're awesome!

I will redeem myself in the VA-DU no doubt!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Grandmother's Legacy

The greatest Woman i've ever known has left us this week, but I see in each of us, a piece of her, and that makes me smile... May we all love life as she did.

We're still in Jersey, but I thought i'd post this for all to see.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Knockout Blow!

The race today and all the drama that led up to it became secondary by a phonecall from my Mom on the way home from the race.

The greatest woman I have ever known has passed on today at 4:30pm!
May Dorothy Stoll my dearest Grandma rest in peace.
She and Gramps pretty much raised me as a youngen, and they've given me so much of who I am today. She's been pretty bad off the last couple of years and I expected this to happen, but o have it be official is just crazy.
For many many years she has been my best friend!
I see a lot of her in Judy, and that makes me smile...

thanks everybody...

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Watching UNC @ Duke...

What the hell was I thinking…

When I considered doing the froze toes 4mile trail run prior to the enduro mtb race at camp Hilbert I was like “ Piece of cake, no problemo”. After I signed up for both events, I was like “uh oh” can I do this? I have done 4 tours of ironcross and 3 smt’s, I think I can do this! My biggest issues are making a departure checklist, and making the departure! I’m hearing 5am, plus we lose an hour at 2am, I hope I get it right. The enduro class is the biggest I’ve ever seen before, and I have no clue as to who’s who. I don’t know how fast that first lap is gonna be. I’d like a top 5 finish in both events, but also understand that doing this type of volume is training for later on in the season.
I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of my dirty (off road) friends!
With all this rain we had this morning, I’m sure it will be nice and slick.

Speaking of the rain, ya’ll know about the Saturday morning rides out at the beach right?
Really? Because I didn’t see you out there! I did see Tim Starkey for the first loop at 7:20am with high winds, threatening clouds, wet roads, a flat tire, and good times.
Little late for loop two, so ran into Jeff Green. Tim said he was done and going home , so I rolled with the green machine at a conversations pace. Once we reached Shore dr, the rain started. Shore, and Atlantic was crazy downpours and insane winds. He says we were going 16mph, but I beg to differ. Then again, I haven’t used a cycling computer for over half a year. I was eyeballin a new Specialized puter that looked like it may just find it’s way atop my s-works carbon bars. I need to know at what speed I was pushing when I hear legs crackin behind me! I joke
Starbucks was extra good after a ride like that!
I freshened up, and headed over to the shop to pick up my tubulars that have been freshly glued, so now I have road race wheels. It pains me to peel off the cross tires. It’s the last sign that cross is OVER!

OK, on to my predictions for Snowball #2!
First of all, enjoi the cold, and wind!!!
The 3spot podium will have at least two Richmond Pro Cycling members (not saying it can’t be a total sweep mind you). The #3 spot will be hotly contested by well known sprint powerhouses Gene Fowler, and Cam Holland. Shoot, everyone just might get blown off the course by the more so than ever constant windy wind! Makes me glad I will be in da woodz!
B race? You don’t even put efforts into predicting a B race! Here’s my advice, don’t chase a person wearing the same kit as you, don’t get chick’d, and don’t get dropped!
And if Bender doesn’t win, I’m not his friend anymore, he’s already figure skating on thin ice!
Careful of the R out there, last snowball the little shit brake checked me! I contemplated running his pudgy little ass over seeing him on the way home. I chose the high road. Just putting it out there that he has crashed me out of a race before, and he’ll do you too. I heard he got dropped on last weeks sat morn ride. Now that’s funny! I could go further, but I shouldn’t have gone this far…

It’s been a good weekend so far, let’s top it off with a good tomorrow!

Peace Out

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Judy Guitar

We got ol girl a guitar for Christmas, and just recently she has started ith lessons. This could be just Pops talkin here, butI think she's got potential !

calling bitchs out!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Chuck gets "owned"!

Monday, March 03, 2008


A few of us were asked for input on cycling in the area for a magazine artice geared towards the boomer generation. Well you know me and my 2cents had to chime in...

below is a direct link to the article

Lifestyles Magazine

Happy Monday all! Enjoy your coffee...

Sunday, March 02, 2008


Well I was sposed to race the Sonny Hutchins crit today but things changed to where I wasn't able to go. So the fam had a great first half of the day, and the Judster and I finished things off with a trip to the bike shop, and Trashmore. Then soccer, and frisbee. We're pooped.
March Madness is here, and I Love it! Even more so that Judy is getting into watching college basketball with me! Both of our birthdays are this month. We both will have 7's...
Silly Sally got 2cnd today in the race! Her and Mike were in the hood today so they stopped by for a visit, that was nice. We played monkey in the middle with Judy.
Time to watch some Seinfeld on DVD per special request of Judy. Her fave character is Kramer, mine is Elaine, Sal's is George.

Saturday, March 01, 2008


I love going to bucks.
I love even more going to bucks with my daughter Judy!
I've been taking her all her life, and each phase has been cherished, and I look forward to many, many more!