Saturday, March 29, 2008


A couple of weeks ago I got a temp cap on my tooth while a fresh crown is being made.
It's been going great up untill this morning.
After completing loop one of the 3 ring circus, I felt that some quick nutrition was needed, so I ripped open a bag of clif bloks. Love those things, but their stickiness loved my temp cap which I forgot about till it pulled out! Oh, what a nasty feeling it is to roll your tongue over a stub of a tooth... (brush up kids, twice a day)
Being the badass that I am, I didn't tell anyone and put it in my jersey pocket and rolled out for loop two which was a blast! I did work, and decided to roll the tail wind back to Bucks and wrap things up. I freshened up, and grabbed a nice cozy chair before all those crazy cyclists took over the joint! It was a nice change hanging out indoors. You get to have nice one on one convo's...
After getting hold of an on call dentist, they told me to pick up some dental glue at the local pharmacy. The glue didn't work well or feel right, so I just cleaned the residual off, and popped it back in there and viola! It's in...

Anyways, I thought I'd share the excitement, and entertainment with my peeps cuz afterall, isn't that what blogs are for??? It aint always cat 3 race reports!

Speaking of Peeps, I loved Easter week because my kitchen was full of Peeps! Usually I get up so early that i'm alone for most of the time, not this week... Every morning I was greeted by about fifteen or twenty Peeps hanging out in the kitchen to which i'd say "whasssup, my Peeps"!!!
I just hurt my case here with bad toothy and sugar coated Easter candies. Oh well, you gets nothing but the truth here on the k-blogg!


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