Saturday, March 08, 2008

Watching UNC @ Duke...

What the hell was I thinking…

When I considered doing the froze toes 4mile trail run prior to the enduro mtb race at camp Hilbert I was like “ Piece of cake, no problemo”. After I signed up for both events, I was like “uh oh” can I do this? I have done 4 tours of ironcross and 3 smt’s, I think I can do this! My biggest issues are making a departure checklist, and making the departure! I’m hearing 5am, plus we lose an hour at 2am, I hope I get it right. The enduro class is the biggest I’ve ever seen before, and I have no clue as to who’s who. I don’t know how fast that first lap is gonna be. I’d like a top 5 finish in both events, but also understand that doing this type of volume is training for later on in the season.
I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of my dirty (off road) friends!
With all this rain we had this morning, I’m sure it will be nice and slick.

Speaking of the rain, ya’ll know about the Saturday morning rides out at the beach right?
Really? Because I didn’t see you out there! I did see Tim Starkey for the first loop at 7:20am with high winds, threatening clouds, wet roads, a flat tire, and good times.
Little late for loop two, so ran into Jeff Green. Tim said he was done and going home , so I rolled with the green machine at a conversations pace. Once we reached Shore dr, the rain started. Shore, and Atlantic was crazy downpours and insane winds. He says we were going 16mph, but I beg to differ. Then again, I haven’t used a cycling computer for over half a year. I was eyeballin a new Specialized puter that looked like it may just find it’s way atop my s-works carbon bars. I need to know at what speed I was pushing when I hear legs crackin behind me! I joke
Starbucks was extra good after a ride like that!
I freshened up, and headed over to the shop to pick up my tubulars that have been freshly glued, so now I have road race wheels. It pains me to peel off the cross tires. It’s the last sign that cross is OVER!

OK, on to my predictions for Snowball #2!
First of all, enjoi the cold, and wind!!!
The 3spot podium will have at least two Richmond Pro Cycling members (not saying it can’t be a total sweep mind you). The #3 spot will be hotly contested by well known sprint powerhouses Gene Fowler, and Cam Holland. Shoot, everyone just might get blown off the course by the more so than ever constant windy wind! Makes me glad I will be in da woodz!
B race? You don’t even put efforts into predicting a B race! Here’s my advice, don’t chase a person wearing the same kit as you, don’t get chick’d, and don’t get dropped!
And if Bender doesn’t win, I’m not his friend anymore, he’s already figure skating on thin ice!
Careful of the R out there, last snowball the little shit brake checked me! I contemplated running his pudgy little ass over seeing him on the way home. I chose the high road. Just putting it out there that he has crashed me out of a race before, and he’ll do you too. I heard he got dropped on last weeks sat morn ride. Now that’s funny! I could go further, but I shouldn’t have gone this far…

It’s been a good weekend so far, let’s top it off with a good tomorrow!

Peace Out


  • At 11:16 AM EDT , Blogger angry buddhist said...

    cross season is never over. just enter a mtn race on drop bars and see who tries to call you out. then drop them beatches. you got skillz.

  • At 9:24 PM EDT , Blogger Liz Schleeper said...

    Good stuff being out there Saturday. I was laying down bets that you would not be there for the Sunday run :)


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