Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Breakthrough Run!

KaleRunning Puts on an early season XC running race series called Mud in your Eye! This is it's 4th year of doing it, and it is my second year of doing it. I know these guys very well from way back, and they put on great events all year long, and use electronic chip timing technology, and have a great core that makes it happen. I love getting my results and any other information you could think of emailed to my Blackberry before I even get home from the event! Here's the email from today;

Congratulations Kevin Horvath on finishing the Mud in Your Eye Cross Country #3 on February 23, 2008. For your records, the weather that day was rainy, 39 degrees F, calm wind. Now that was a Mud In Your Eye race wasn't it??

There were 17 finishers in the Male 35 to 39 age group and 247 finishers in the 8K division.

Your overall finish place was 47, your age group finish place was 3 and your gender finish place was 43. Your time 36:17.00 gave you a 7:18 pace per mile.

Thank you for coming out to the final race in the 4th Annual MIYE XC Series. For a full listing of results including series results, please visit www.mudinyoureye.kalerunning.com. Event photos will be available tomorrow at www.photoreflect.com.

Happy Running,

Team Kale

So before todays finale race, I was sitting in 5th overall for my age group, so I pretty much gave up hope of moving up the standings and hoped to beat my friendly competition of Dinsey! We have nicely been going at it tooth and nail even before this series.
To his credo, he was not feeling well today (cough, cough).

And with the help of my new running partner Mega, I have been able to improve all of my runs from last year except for today. Today, and pretty much the series as a whole, has put mud in my eye (literally). But none like this one. Today was very much like a cross race with chilly temps, mushy grass, huge puddles, MUD, and I loved it!

I started out the gate in usual fashion which is faster than I should but I settled in, and cruised till the last of 5 miles and really picked things back up to have a strong finish. I got 3rd in my age group, and for the series I landed in 3rd for my age group!

I hope the legz don't feel too bad tomorrow for the first bike race of the season at The Virginia Beach Sportsplex...
I will be representing team Pepe Le Pew!


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