Monday, February 04, 2008

Super Bowl Weekend ride...

Some people go to Florida for "pro" type training camps filled with long boring miles.
I did just that two years ago and thus missed out on the infamous ride weekend known as the Superbowl Sunday ride. I won't be missing this weekend for anything but a family emergency. As a matter of fact, I overheard the girls saying that it won't be long till the Judster joins us on this ride!

Typically we make this into a weekend by staying in the area and doing an all day ride in Sherando, and drive a little bit up to H-burg for the Super ride that's been going strong for over 25 years!

We all shack up in one place, and bring plenty of good food, and beer.

Last year was a frozen tundra, but very good. All we had to deal with was frigid temps, slick ice, and snow...

This year we had it all. It wasn't very cold so picking out the ideal clothing was tricky but key.

And the conditions covered just about everything you could think of, really...

We got in two great and long rides.
Sherando was great. The creek crossings were interesting. The switchbacks were awesome. I climbed well there. I didn't for some reason climb well on the road climbs.
I keep in mind that I'm slugging around an unlocked rather heavy full suspension bike, and the fact that I'm off the bike a lot this time of year. What's important is that I feel good about myself, and am having the time of my life ! It truly is a weekend of cycling that I really look forward too, and reflect upon all year.

There's always a core group that goes, but its interesting to see others come along and interact and get to know better. I like to see rooks come along and watch them endure the weekend for their first time. Its got to be pretty easy going with a bunch of vets that know how to do it right.


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