Sunday, January 20, 2008

Snow Ride... Take it Easy...

What a great ride we had today!
I had the honors of leading the first lap through Freedom Park in Williamsburg, and I gotta tell ya, being first wheel on snow covered singletrack is quite the riding experience! We were all brought back to childhood days of playing in the snow while riding hard and yucking it up. Thanx for being a part of it everybody...

Billy G carving the trail

Crazy Train (look at the shadow on his face)

K-Dog twisting the throttle

Pausing for a lil photo opp

an un named rider for now (can you name her?) got taken out by some black ice!

I dunno what to say... I found this stick figure amongst the trees. Evidently, this one was so hot that the snow had no chance of sticking...(i joke, i joke, i kid, i kid)

Happy Trails to you...

most photos by Liz


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