Sunday, March 02, 2008


Well I was sposed to race the Sonny Hutchins crit today but things changed to where I wasn't able to go. So the fam had a great first half of the day, and the Judster and I finished things off with a trip to the bike shop, and Trashmore. Then soccer, and frisbee. We're pooped.
March Madness is here, and I Love it! Even more so that Judy is getting into watching college basketball with me! Both of our birthdays are this month. We both will have 7's...
Silly Sally got 2cnd today in the race! Her and Mike were in the hood today so they stopped by for a visit, that was nice. We played monkey in the middle with Judy.
Time to watch some Seinfeld on DVD per special request of Judy. Her fave character is Kramer, mine is Elaine, Sal's is George.


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