Monday, March 31, 2008

Into The Wild

into the wild

A while back, a dear friend o mine sent me Eddie Vedder's solo cd of "Into The Wild".
I found it to be a fitting listen whilst running through the Arboretum.

I saw via i-tunes that the audiobook was avail so I made the purchase and began reading (er) listening...

As I was getting through the book, I saw that the movie was coming to dvd ( i know, it just keeps getting better).

Another friend gifted me the movie on i-tunes, and I watched it on the i-pod touch!

Good tunes, good book, good movie! Do it all, and in that order.

We all have our wild thoughts and whims... Why I recently had my own into the wild life altering experience. I came out unscathed and centuries the wiser. Although I don't recommend answering every call of the wild, some, you just must...
Be wild, and careful out there!


  • At 8:09 AM EDT , Blogger KMAX said...

    I loved the group as well. I just finally saw the movie over the weekend after reading the book and hearing the cd. The movie completely changed my view of Chris and his family; made the whole thing more understandable.

    I don't have the issues from my past life but I love the idea of the escape. I worry though that all the hidden gems will soon be exposed and exploited at the rate things go here.


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