Monday, January 26, 2009

Billy Cross 09----- WOW!!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Karting!!! (So Fun)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

GamJams Reviews: Handlebar Tape

I have this Cinelli stars and bars tape hanging in the garage for someday when i'm a national champ at something... OK, I barely wrote that sentence without spitting all over poor lappy toppy! We'll call this an ice breaker. This tape i'll bet is tricky to wrap, and i've seen a few people using it and the colors have faded badly. That stinks because it's really nice looking.

Now on to the show;
When I picked up the Sram Rival groupo last year I wanted to get fancy red hood covers so I had Contes Va Beach order them up for me. I was informed that they come in a kit with bartape as well. I went with all red obviously. I didn't know at the time that Sram had any bar tape offerings so I was a bit leary of what I was getting into. But you know how these things go, "oh it's my fave bar tape in the world"! It's true, I'm impressed with it and it has become my fave. It holds up really well, doesn't hold onto a lot of dirt and grime like others do. I'm a fan of no glove riding when the situations allow it ( I try and race with gloves for the crash factor). This tape feels really good on the bare hands, and it doesn't get too slippery when wet. So when you're sprinting to the finish line and doing a bike throw, you won't do it literally!
The day I realized this unique feature was the first time riding this setup in a summer downpour. Riding with no gloves and I gotta tell ya, it felt great! Not spongy at all nor slick. For that alone, I am sold. It wraps really well and adds a nice touch to your Sram get up!

And as a bonus I give you Bontrager Buzzkills! They retail at your local BikeBeats for $9.99.

They're advertised to cancel road vibrations in the handlebar acting as a dampener. I used them on my Cross bike two years ago and have to be honest with you--- I didn't notice a difference. But, for some reason I have two more sets and I will try again. I think these would be better tested on a roadie only because CX'ers don't give a damn about no dampening!!!!!

So sorry for the lack of typical content with the K-Blogg as of late. With the current but short off season, and facebook, it's just not happening. But once we start doing some drama crits with the drama filled roadies you bet we'll be chock full of... Cuz here in the k-blogg----"we love drama"!


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Alley Cat----Lock U Up!

Holeshot FotoByWes!

Wes and his crew are doing good things for those in need in Norfolk! This was my first alley cat and I enjoyed it so much!
We formed teams at the start and I went with my peeps Dr. Park and Lynn and we had no intentions of being competitive at all. I was the weak link of the bunch riding the pink passion cruiser and on the way to check point two into the headwind I was like "i might have to meet up with you guys at the Tap House". But my mates agreed to slow down a bit and keep us together. It wasn't long before we had a tail wind and we were doing pretty good so I kept at it. I was just along for the ride, taking pics, looking pretty and I did the mandatory tire change at the last check point.
As we rolled up to the Tap House for the finish we saw Dinsey and Adam waiting for the 2cnd place team(us) to come in. From there we told battle stories and welcomed the rest of the participants as we had Belgium beers (except for me PBR) and chilli cheese fries!

Check Wes's Blog for all the deets but what it boils down to is all the cash we generated today goes to getting the working class in Norfolk who commute to work on bikes some nifty U-Locks. Thanks also goes out to Mike Shipp who is offering a killer deal to Wes on the Locks!

Be sure and come out to the next one. I had more of a workout than I expected...

DR. Park tracked us on his gps thingy here

Thursday, January 08, 2009

GamJams Reviews : Best Cycling Gift Received This Year

My best cycling gift of the year comes to me via Crazy Hosang!

This stuff is sooooo HOT! I used it for this CX season and loved it. It's the gift that keeps giving...
I have the Hot and Extra Hot

Thanks Crazy!

Sorry Mr. May for being late the last two entries

Friday, January 02, 2009

GamJams Review : Winter Tights

I never used to ride in the frigid cold, I would sweat it out in a spin class preferably behind a bouncing thong!!!
Gym time is a big part of my routine, but nothing compares to actual miles on the road. And riding near the beach when it's cold, damp, and windy can be brutal.
The only thing I've found that works for me is Assos! The jacket is called AirJack, and the bib tights are called AirBlock, together they make one helluva winter riding suit. I feel like a futuristic rock star when I put it on. It's too much for CX racing, and MTBiking because you generate too much heat, but it's perfect for road riding. It's never too cold to ride if you have this setup hanging in your closet. It costs a LOT of money, but in this case I will say with certainty "it's worth it"!
On the back of the tag it reads "have a nice ride", I like that. It should say "stay fuego"!

In the above photo fromKevin Dillard I'm sweating pretty badly during Tech CX up in Blacksburg when it was stoopid cold. It was the only way for me to survive that race in those conditions. It's ashame that I love CX so much but hate the cold.

Stay warm out there!