Friday, January 02, 2009

GamJams Review : Winter Tights

I never used to ride in the frigid cold, I would sweat it out in a spin class preferably behind a bouncing thong!!!
Gym time is a big part of my routine, but nothing compares to actual miles on the road. And riding near the beach when it's cold, damp, and windy can be brutal.
The only thing I've found that works for me is Assos! The jacket is called AirJack, and the bib tights are called AirBlock, together they make one helluva winter riding suit. I feel like a futuristic rock star when I put it on. It's too much for CX racing, and MTBiking because you generate too much heat, but it's perfect for road riding. It's never too cold to ride if you have this setup hanging in your closet. It costs a LOT of money, but in this case I will say with certainty "it's worth it"!
On the back of the tag it reads "have a nice ride", I like that. It should say "stay fuego"!

In the above photo fromKevin Dillard I'm sweating pretty badly during Tech CX up in Blacksburg when it was stoopid cold. It was the only way for me to survive that race in those conditions. It's ashame that I love CX so much but hate the cold.

Stay warm out there!


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