Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Chris Horner @ Bike Beat Hilltop Va Beach

After a most excellent trainer session with the Wheelmen at Atlantic Performance Training center, a few of us hurried a little further towards the ocean to catch the tail end of Chris Horner meet and greet! I will include the trainer session in Fridays post.

I have known Dave Wilson for a long time and it was great to catch up with him. His shops and staff are always top notch. It was also great to say a quick hey to everyone there, it was a nice reunion of sorts.
I'd like to thank everyone involved in bringing Chris to this area to give us his amazing takes on the pro peleton!
I showed up more than fashionably late and wearing a shirt I didn't expect to be wearing in public. As Chris was talking to my Goonz on how to make it to the big leagues, he couldn't help but stare at my "mullets rock" t-shirt! Too funny!

Best of luck to Chris, Astana, and my Goonz!


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