Saturday, January 10, 2009

Alley Cat----Lock U Up!

Holeshot FotoByWes!

Wes and his crew are doing good things for those in need in Norfolk! This was my first alley cat and I enjoyed it so much!
We formed teams at the start and I went with my peeps Dr. Park and Lynn and we had no intentions of being competitive at all. I was the weak link of the bunch riding the pink passion cruiser and on the way to check point two into the headwind I was like "i might have to meet up with you guys at the Tap House". But my mates agreed to slow down a bit and keep us together. It wasn't long before we had a tail wind and we were doing pretty good so I kept at it. I was just along for the ride, taking pics, looking pretty and I did the mandatory tire change at the last check point.
As we rolled up to the Tap House for the finish we saw Dinsey and Adam waiting for the 2cnd place team(us) to come in. From there we told battle stories and welcomed the rest of the participants as we had Belgium beers (except for me PBR) and chilli cheese fries!

Check Wes's Blog for all the deets but what it boils down to is all the cash we generated today goes to getting the working class in Norfolk who commute to work on bikes some nifty U-Locks. Thanks also goes out to Mike Shipp who is offering a killer deal to Wes on the Locks!

Be sure and come out to the next one. I had more of a workout than I expected...

DR. Park tracked us on his gps thingy here


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