Wednesday, August 30, 2006

OK, Alright, here's what Happened

The latest edition, and unfortunately the last edition of the Winning Edge Crits.
Held at the Tidewater Community College campus in Suffolk VA on the water of the James River. Which basically means it was Hot and Windy! It's a good technical course that keeps you on edge and on yer toes!
At lap one, Marco and Geno went up the road and we were quite happy with that, until Bill C decided to solo bridge up to them... After some time, I wanted in on that action and decided to make the attempt to bridge up to them and help Marco out some up there. It took me two and a half laps, but I made it, and more importantly alone Gener soloed up shortly after, and the selection was made; Bill C, Marco, Geno, Kevin, Gener<-------------This was the order of finish... This ws a really good race for me, because I usually don't get in the breaks. So I was glad to be there, and able to contribute. Danbo took the field sprint for 6th!!!

Lookin for sum Love from the many spectators

Bike throw for fourth...

Givn it to er!

Photos by the Judster, & Sally (nikon D-50)

Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Winning Edge Crit

It came down to a two man sprint, Me, and Ralston. It does'nt get any more Old Skool than this...
Here's a sequence of how it went down

Here I'm sayin Rals don't do it man, don't even think about it!

And there he goes, what was he thinking???
He has'nt been around in awhile
He used to beat up on me for many years, many years ago... He's inspired me to be the rider I am today

Nah uh sucka! You're bike throw is very nice, but you're too late!!!

K-Dog/Kevo/Hurricane/The Blade takes the W

Stay tuned for another episode of "What the Hell was That?"

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Get Sum...

What do ya think?

Of the new USA suits???
I kinda like em, they look rather slimming

I just had to throw this one in. It's related, it's JHK

Is that a little girl in the window? Or a doll?

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Kelly Bike Jam

I know, I know, the Bike Jam was a while ago, But I just got this pic Sunday from Crazy.
This is on the ride back in Brenna's Suburban. That thing has lots of room! Crazy, Brenna, Art, Myself, and the Judster! We were tired, but we sure got up for some Nacho Mama's


Sunday, August 20, 2006

Colbert on Landis

Damn Right!!!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My Ride Tonight...

Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Chesapeake Crit

What a great course, great weather, and a well run event!
I enjoyed two races today, and at least 50 miles of it...
Thanx once again for the pics to BJ and JB!

I have more to add to this post, but I'm waiting on some pics... eh hem Drama follows me

We saw Ricky Bobby tonight. That is some funny business!!! "If you're not 1st, you're last!"
"shake and bake baby"

Looking forward to not riding tomorrow. My coochie sure could use a break!
Oh yes, and a massage tomorrow night.
http://epilot2.hamptonroads.com/Repository/ml.asp?Ref=VmlyZ2luaWFuUGlsb3QvMjAwNi8wOC8xMyNBcjAzNzAy <------link to the newspaper article

Friday, August 11, 2006

Floyd Landis Tour de France- Ridin' Dirty!

You Gotta Have SOUL!!!


He's coming B A A A A K!!!
If you don't know, please take the time to check out this story of inspiration. A story of dealing with what life throws at ya sometimes. Glad to hear that Credit Agricole is waiting and holding his spot for him on the team.
I first saw him and his fam 2 years ago when Walnutz and I went to nationals in Utah. Good peeps, and I wish them all well.
Keep Raisin HELL!!!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


So much for recovery...
Let's start with Saturday's morning ride; It was very fast and intense.
Followed by early evening at the Beach (north end) about 2 full hours in suprisingly awesome waves!
Then Sunday's MTB race
What was I thinking when I agreed to do BodyPump at Gold's Gym Monday night??? I could barely pick up my arm to scratch my head!
I finally made it up to a Smithfield road ride Tuesday night. I've heard about these rides for years, but have never had the opportunity to get up there till yesterday. I loved it, and hope to get up there more often. Thanks KJ for getting me out there and ridin with you and Dave, and Cam, and the others!
This morning I got up extra early, hit the gym only to spin very lightly for 30mins
Looking to RELAX tonight (Corona Light)

Monday, August 07, 2006

Hilbert Photo's

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Camp HIlbert

JB just got 3rd in beg vet and Dan G is flat out flyin out there in first place enduro! Thay still have a few hours to go, but he looks and feels good. We're about to go tear up the expert fields. More later... K-Dog (an email I posted just before our race) Good onya, JB!!!

Well, No-one had an answer to Dan G's assault on the Enduro class today... Not even Rob D!
While Rob Suydam and I were pre-riding the course (we rode an entire lap) We caught up with Dan.
I yelled "Hey Danbo, why you ridin so fast?" He said "I dunno dog, I feel good!" I was and am definitely proud of him, he rocked all day!
Even though towards the end he got stung in the arse by a bee. Supposedly, the same gargantuan BEE that stung Crazy in the arm.
Crazy, Stoop, and I took on the expert fields. I did the Vet Ex, while the two Mikes did Pro/Ex. We all started together on a loose gravel fireroad, and straight into the tight, windy, twisty, rollie, dusty singletrack. The whole course was like a rollercoaster ride! It was fast and fun! We protested the Lemans start and opted to just ride our bikes to start. Whats the deal with promoters making us do a 100yd dash to our bikes and then racing??? Once in the trail the real fun began, with tire scrubbing, and people jockeying for position. I worked my way up to one spot behind Crazy, and thought if I can hang on here for a while I will be set. After the first lap my legs said "nah sucka" and I was forced to back off the gas a bit. Not too happy bout that but I had a lot of fun anyway!
Crazy sprinted to 6th, and I cruised into 4th. Tripower did really well out there today, and it had to be topped with an infamous stop at "Nacho Mama's"!
And yet another stop at Bruster's ice cream in the same parking lot! I'm stuffed... This MTB stuff just puts a smile on my face ;-)

To start things off this morning we (the Horvath's) were trying to figure out which vehicle to take. The Beamer is out due to the lack of A/C.
The JudyWagon is a mess, and kinda tight. So Sally suggested we take the truck. I was like that's for business, and the gas mileage is not good.
She said KCS (Kevin's Courier Service) was gonna be delivering an arse whooping up to Richmond! I was like "good point, lets pack up the truck!"
I delivered, unfortunately, the product was partially opened on the Sat Morn Ride yesterday. Some of you may have noticed, some of you may have been too far back ;-). So the package of whooping lost a bit of FIZZ. But fun was had, package was delivered, gas, and mileage will be written off!

Thanx for reading, see ya'll soon!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Getn Dirty in the Switch!

WoW, it was Hot n Sticky out there!
Did a ride that we havent done in a looooong time.
A MTB ride from Bike Beat (HDK) to Ipswitch and back.
Rick, Steve, Dan, Crazy, and Myself went out there and had a great time!
Perfect training for Sunday's race in Richmond.