Wednesday, November 29, 2006

*NEW* Michael Richards (Kramer) apology

Nice Skinsuit!!!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Liz Loca!

Wassuuuup Erbody, iz yer homegirl Liz! You know,the State Champ!!!
I might have to interview her. Whatchall think???

check JB's photo blog soon, his pics will be up soon. His link is over here on the right side (Lizinks)! Thanx John
I shaved :-)

Trashmore CX.2 write-up

Trashmore CX.2

The second edition of the Trashmore Cross was a Hit! This year it was the state champs so I would have loved to have taken the gold in front of the home crowd. Man, it seemed like I had a cheering section around the entire course. Thanks everybody, it helps soooo much when I’m redlined and about to blow, but I can’t because you guys are keeping me in it! I felt some pressure in that sense, but it was awesome. I hope we put on an exciting show… with just an out and back stretch before entering the single file long stairway, I knew that starting position would be important as it usually is in a cross race. Yeager went from the line, but Mark Russell went up the stairs first, I was in 4th up the stairs. Once we came out of the spiral of death we had made our selection with McMillon, myself, Russell, Kyle, & Ian (grasshopper). This is really what we had hoped for so we just played nice for a while trading blows and feeling eachother out. Once again I felt like this was not a group I should try and escape from (it just wouldn’t happen). But I did manage to keep second wheel for most of the race. Answering most of the attacks with little problems. We all rode really well together, and I was so happy to be a part of the mix. You gotta be in it to win it… last lap came upon us rather quickly, but at the rate we were going, it was actually welcomed. So halfway thru Kyle attacked before the stairs, and I chased making the stairs really hard on me. After the spiral he went again, I chased again and McMillon countered, Kyle went with and Ian followed shortly after. I was cooked, but tried to make up some ground on the pavement, nut its way to short and there went the medals. McMillon with a brilliant and powerful move took the gold, Ian jumped Kyle at the line for silver, and Kyle took bronze I was right behind them for 4th and Mark was right there as well for 5th. It was a great race I thought and I’m satisfied knowing that I did all I could to contest for the win, but they got me, they got me good. Good onya’s! just so ya know, most of us were there at 6am setting up the course (so I got there at 6:30---my bad). Not an excuse, just a lil FYI. Looking forward to a few more races and then it’s time for a short break…
Our race ended up a little shortened and we are very sorry about that. The officials took our first two laps and calculated how many laps we should make. But uncharacteristically, we went faster each lap which ate into our overall time. The officials felt it would be wrong to extend the race and add laps thus causing possible confusion. So let it ride and our race was something like 33 mins instead of 45. We as the promoters are very sorry and we spoke to the officiating crew and will do whatever is necessary to not let that happen in the future. More time could have definitely changed things. I’m sure Mark C and Bill G were looking for more time to come and join us. I sure as hell could have used a team mate up there fo sho!
We had a great showing on all levels---racers, spectators, and volunteers! We had wonderful prizes donated from the various Conte’s bike shops in the area that we raffled off with all proceeds going to Merideth a mountain biker/Chef who had a horrific crash 2 years ago at the Tidewater MTB Challenge (Steve’s Race) and is hemmed up in a wheelchair. Good to see you out there bro! Was that weather awesome or what???

Mad props go out to Michael Crazy Hosang who dreamed a dream of having a cross race on mountains of trash! And our Team Tri-Power for coming together and doing whats needed to put on a high level top notch event in a heavily populated and high traffic park!
I apologize for not taking part in the breakdown of the course. I was very busy doing post race interviews and pictures. Did you really think I would??? See ya’ll freaks soon-----------------
JB has pics almost ready
Danbo has some pics up
Tripp, i want the pic of me you and momma Trpp!!!
Liz will have something soon
Mr. Russell & Sambo as well (Congrats to Sam on walking away from the masters field and making it look real easy out there)
If you got pics---send em to me!!!

Trashmore CX pix

Ya'll be hatin on the nub (steerer tube) but I kinda like it!

Bill G, get that thing up on ya shouldas soldier!!!

Danbo, Tripp, and Mike

Mark Russell gettin the party started RIGHT! The start is crucial as you can see... Hellooooooo Bottleneck!!! I was nicely placed at 4th here. Our selection of 5 was made shortly after this.

Crazy, and Sorrell rockin the A race. Are you allowed to use the handrail in the A race??? I guess we'll let him slide as he has no knee on one side

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Trashmore CX

A conveniently located park next to the course

Hannah, and Judster with their spiral of death pops!

Go Silly!

Go Liz!

The Childrens

Liz, Carol, and Silly tearing up the ladies field!

How's that for a cheering section???

Liz and Carol part Duex!
Hellooooooo? McFly....

This, is very disturbing

Thursday, November 23, 2006



We should be givin thanx erday, but on this day… This day, it’s official, you’re on the spot, you have too! So, lets think about it for a minute… What can you think of? Perhaps I can help with a perspective from the dog side. The Dog has been through a LOT this year, and to be quite honest with ya’ll, I wouldn’t change a thing (well maybe a thing). What I’m sayin is, I’m thankful for my trials and tribulations, because without them, I wouldn’t have an appreciation for what I have and what I’ve taken for granted. Who knows where I’d be if things didn’t go down the way they did. I want to thank those of you who somewhat know what has gone down and stuck with me whether you were down with it or not… A true friend is there with you thru thick and thin---You have no idea how much it means to me, I’m there for you too. And for those of you who decided to run away from it, I still got love fer ya, I can almost dig it. The dog is very forgiving.
I am thankful for God who has adopted me as one of His son’s. I never had a Father so that is very special to me…And for that---I will have eternal life! I am thankful for my family, they are always there for me. I am thankful that my Mom called me today while I was on the way to the gym. She called to say Happy Thanksgiving and to give me an update on my Grandparents who are doing well thank you, and to see if I was feeling better and taking enough vitamin C (oh Mom). I am thankful to my Gramps (buddy) who’s told me as he is struggling with his health to live your life to the fullest everyday, and to take care of my health. I am, Nelly, I am… ;-) I am thankful for the many people whom I call friends. I am a social FREAK! I love friends----Love em---
BTW---come to my party Dec 29th at the doghouse! Special out of town guest has been confirmed; Pauly “Walnutz” Ward is IN! Stoop a Loop and Crazy are IN… Big Daddy Jimmy, Tripp, and Dalton are also IN! Danbo, JB and Art—IN! I’m thinking PBR in a keg!
I am thankful for my love and passion of a silly hobby known as cycling. My fave is Cross!!!!!!!!!!!
Aight ya’ll, now is a time when you need to take inventory of what you HAVE, and be thankful for IT! Don’t be dwelling and trippin on all the stuff you don’t have. That’s the kinda mentally that makes the dog sick. When folks be telling me bout what so and so has and they don’t have… I’m shakin my head, and sayin, but what about the stuff you do have? Can take this time to tell you that the more stuff you have does not amount to yer happiness? I have seen many with plenty who are not happy, and many with nothing and happy as Hell!
Im being fur real today ya’ll, listen to me; Live each today as if it were a gift that is not guaranteed to ya. I usually ride and or train like there’s no tomorrow. It’s better to burn out, than to fade away (Def Leppard). Now, don’t take me wrong, don’t be livin all crazy, just don’t be layin in yer coffin thinking of all yer regrets. Also don’t be doing things that you’ll be regretting. What does that mean? It could have differing meanings to you, so think about it at least.

Someday, it will ALL make sense…

Thank You!

Print and color!
Incredible Luck

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

the Ciclismo CX write up

Ciclismo CX

Race #3 of the VA cross series was held at Bryan Park Richmond this past Sunday.
I have run into problems the first two races, so I was looking for a problem free race. (aint we all)
It had rained really hard a few days prior to the race, so the low lying singletrack sections were a mess! Good thing it was only two sections, with one being very rideable, the other too slow to ride. I did two pre-race laps with Bill G to try and dial in the lines. It was a good thing, because I found out that the second muddy section had a giant hole hidden in the middle of it. Just about hub deep, and after I rode it, I found that riding this section would be too tricky, slow, and hard as hell on the drivetrain! Found a sweet line to dismount and run on the left. All of the other singletrack was awesome, tight and twisty, just how I like it! A few short road sections, and a grassy field and there you have it. Plus two sets of barriers which made three dismounts for me (+mud sect).
All the usual suspects were in attendance. I knew Hawker wouldn’t show cuz he ran over Crazy’s trainer last week… I was shocked and awed to see the thieves who swiped Crazy’s spare wheelset showed and put the wheels in the pit! With different tires and stickers removed mind you. That’s just plain Ludacris kids! We need to talk!

The start was sweet, with a good section of pavement to get up to speed. Mr Russell got the party started right by taking the holeshot! When we made it through the grassy field section, I looked back and saw we had a sizeable gap, which meant we had a lead group of 5. I sat rather comfortably in the back of this group in order to assess the situation, plus, they were going at a rate that I wasn’t gonna break away from. We let a guy from 3sports go up the road on a solo mission, a move I didn’t approve of. We all were pretty equal on the days course except for in one area; the second mud section. This is where I had my line dialed in and was running fast. I was able to get away from my group, and bridge up to 3sports guy and we rolled well together for a lap and a half till across the start/finish area, I kinda pulled over to let him lead a lap and to look at him to see how he was doing. He seemed like he was still good to go, but shortly after the ditch taco’d his wheel in a bizarre fashion, and just like that he was out, and I’m alone in the lead. Definitely not the way you want things to go down, but what can ya do? So I motored on solo, and maintained a decent gap. I was actually pacing myself to Crazy who was about 50yards up on me, and the chase group about 50yards behind me. The grass field was the only area to see the gaps. I just kept telling myself to stay smooth and steady. Halfway thru the bell lap, I knew I had it, so I just cruised it on in, and savored the moment. Man it was nice! Got to look back and see my boy Mark Russell take the sprint for 2cnd! Nice job on that. You can see them winding it up in the finishing picture. Most of ya’ll don’t know this, but I was pretty sick that day. I’ve been paying dearly for it since. I hope to heal up so I can have a repeat performance this weekend for the VA state champs in Virginia Beach! Brought to you by our teamTriPower/Contes Bike and Fitness.
Thank you all for the props, and shout outs!

Keep your eyes peeled for a Thanksgiving post…

Monday, November 20, 2006

The Ditch

www.velophotos.net Kevin Dillard done did it again...Check out the ciclismo pics and be sure to select the slideshow---the music is insane!

Just after the start

Photo:courtesy of Chris Dinsmore

Sunday, November 19, 2006

ciclismo CX race

Finally got the big "W" today! Much more later...

giving props to Contes not me...

The sprint for second--nice bike throws boys!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Went to the beach this afternoon...

Friday, November 17, 2006

you go Boy!

Laid-Off Ford Employee Decides To Start Own Car Company

The Onion

Laid-Off Ford Employee Decides To Start Own Car Company

HAPEVILLE, GA—The Thaney Motor Company, based in the former door-fitter's garage, already has a pre-order list of friends and relatives.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Daaaaaamn! You just got knocked to ____ OUT!


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Wed Night Ride

4:30pm and the sun is already bidding farewell, at least most of us have lights!
This was the scene from bucks in Ghent pre-ride, then off to hang and chat in the Ghent Conte's. Paul was grascious enough to pull down a new caad 9 from the rafters for me to throw a leg over. Looks like a 56 will suit me just fine.
Most of our cross bikes are still hurting from Sunday's melee in the mudday! Mine is ok, but the BB feels a bit crunchy, when normally it should feel smooth...
Oh, the weather was perfect! Long sleeve jersey and shorts was all that was needed. We are really lucky to be livin it up like this! I mean, it's mid November people! Supposed to rain tomorrow, so probably hittin the gym. I don't mind, I love the gym...(I should get some gym pics!)
Nilla Wafa Vogue'ing! "strike a pose!
The bridges were slicker than snot! Bill G found out the hard way, and landed on his rumskie!
And what do we do? "don't get up Bill, we need to get a picture!" Then it's like, dude, are you ok? I went slow and gingerly across the bridge and almost wiped out! It was like covered in green moss, you know how slick that stuff is... As people are falling , Carol says "the bridge is slippery!" Brilliant!

Silly gets really excited for the Wed Night Rides---As she should... Click on Danbo's page to the right for an awesome picture of Silly Layin out Billy!

Afterwards, we gathered at Cogan's for some za and beer and good cheer!

You wouldn't even know that i'm sick, and feelin like shit!