Saturday, June 30, 2007

Dog Gone Down!

Hopefully I had my annual wreck, and I'm good for another year (not including off road) (those are a given).
It's not too bad, nothing is broken, just banged and scraped up my whole right side.
We were just wrapping up loop one of the infamous sat morn ride when a traffic light suddenly changed to red on us. With the sudden brakeage, I ended up crossing a wheel and started going over. I hit the eject button and tried to run out of it, but the left leg wasn't on that program causing me to trip over my bike and slam into the curb with my knee, hip, elbow, shoulder, and face! Oh, and my hands got pretty jacked up (no gloves). They say I hit pretty hard. I don't remember much after hitting my head, just remember being surrounded by all my peeps looking at me like I looked pretty bad. They carried me off of the street, I stood up and felt like I needed a standing 8 count! Crazy kept trying to make me go a certain direction but for some reason I was going the opposite way. I don't even know which way it was. It's funny now. I thought for sure that I broke my collarbone, but I had full range of motion. That is why I hit the gym year round. You may not be able to tell by lookin at me, I wrap myself with a thin layer of muscle that most roadies do not, and trust me, it comes in handy. Fortunately, I had my camera with me. Ho-Bo couldn't get it to work (because the impact knocked the memory stick out of place). Silly Sally took a few shots after I fixed it, and Gener took the rest. He said I needed to leave cuz he could almost see my junk. I actually considered riding some more, But Marco told me to goto his house so Suzanne could fix me up. So I did, I took a quick and painful shower, got cleaned up and bandaged, and entertained by the little ones. Then I headed to Starbucks for the post ride americano, and scone with everyone. From there it was off to Contes to pick up my race wheel that they glued a new tire on so I could race it on Sunday. Only now it's to drop off my bike to make sure it's ok. The only problem found was a bent brake bolt that holds the front brake on to the fork. They replaced it right away while Crazy, Judy, and I had a wonderful lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. Picked up my bike and headed to Patient First for some more TLC.
Thanks to all who helped out, and I'm alright and blessed! Thanx Crazy, Brenna,& Winders especially! Also Stoop, Danbo, Gener, Nisbet, and Dinsmore for checking in on me.
Now let's go kick some ass at the race tomorrow! Hopefully I wake up fresh as a daisy and raring to go!!!

This was just a silly crash that happens out there---no fault---it just happens----glad no one else went with me!

This look was because some redneck stopped his truck, and started yelling at us. He actually got out of his truck, till Crazy and company made him change his mind...

Dog Down! stay tuned... story and pics coming- have to get home first!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

and the winner is...

Evan Fader

Harley wrapped up Reston like Tropical Smoothie!

more reston shots

Monday, June 25, 2007

Faces @ the Races


Bill (polo) Evans



Ryan McKinney

True Grit

The True Grit award goes to Jeff Buckles who solo bridged up to the lead group, and while in there attacked and took a bunch of pulls. Coming out of the last turn, there was a crash and a few riders went down going very fast. He was forced to run his bike across the line! Another crowd fave! Hope that ink didn't get messed up...


This guy was a crowd favorite! We named him "cutter" after that movie...
Anyway, who is he? He raced very well in the low pro suit!

Bender went the Hell off!

Saw my boy Jordan Cross at Reston Sunday! We go way back, and it was great to see ya bro!

James Bender of sr-racing had a great cat 4 race and seemed to always be at the front. He rode away a couple of times, and finally it stuck with one hanger on till he shook him loose and soloed in for a very powerful win.

Mike May of gamjams.net was looking really good and aggressive out there.

I got to watch this lovely race while warming up on the trainer in the parking garage.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


It seems as though moonpies are a big hit in our cycling commune. I've always been a fan of the moonpie. Yesterday, on our sat morn group ride my boy Wayno brought me one on the 8:30 loop. I put it in the jersey pocket (aka the oven) till the appropriate place to consume it. The Blue Moon Cafe! How fitting...people were eyeballin me like a mug!
Wayno won't be there next week, but rest assured---i will have one, double stuffed too! Anyone else want one?
Email me a picture of you and your moonpie for a future posting at kevinhorvath@tmo.blackberry.net

Oh, and ol blogger bully calls me moonpie. Where has my bully been? Seems like he's upset with something... Oh well, I'm sure we'll be fine in time. C o m e- b a c k ! ! !

Friday, June 22, 2007

Stoop a Loop!

Stoop shows all how to stay hydrated (off-season--mind you)!

Our boy Stoop is elbow deep in the Tour of Ohio with his Seigler Imports teammates!
Best of luck to you all!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

playing catchup!

First of all---- I am sorry for the major delay in the K-Blogg as of late... There's been a lot going on, and I'm still trying to dial in my "free time"! For the most part, all is well. Still trying to shake this weird cold I picked up in Florida. I have found that I'm not alone in this nagging, coughing, throaty situation. Time off has never done me any good, so I'm just riding through it.

Last night's Great Bridge ride was probably the hardest on record! Rob D (who's also sick) and I said "we have'nt seen this kind of lineup at any of the races". Besides the hot temps, there were some fast dudes as well. I knew I was gonna get popped, just didn't know when and where. It happened to be when Pauly Walnutz decided to open up the legs. I had to pull the plug. I hear the rest of their ride was just brutal... I got into a group of about 6 and we rolled along really well together. Once we got onto the Fentress loop, I was feelin froggy, and pulled thru at a nasty clip (i think it was 32) after I flicked my elbow, it was Shawn B, and Nisbet. And before long it was Nisbet and I. I let him know that I was dying. He said I should be! He nursed me along into the headwind till I was feeling up to contributing. We kept the pace up pretty high and had 2 nice finishing sprints. You know its a great ride when you get dropped, and the pickup groups are kick ass!!!

KD Kevin Dillard of velophotos.net was at the Carytown Cycles Bryan Park circuit race this past Sunday. This was Father's Day, and I was looking for my gift on a course in a park where I won a cross race this past fall. Well, I aint nobody's Daddy out there, so no gifts were being handed out, just attacks in TIMEly manner from left and right! The circuit was fun, a bit bumpy though. It was very hot out, and you needed two bottles for this one. I felt my elastic band pulled taunt about 3 times, but I hung in there, and felt pretty good. The team did great with 3rd, 4th, 9th and 19th! Greco, Crazy, Young Mark, and Me!
Came home to a lovely homecooked fave meal of mine---stuffed shells, italian bread, and red wine!!! Round here, everyday is Fathers Day!

the finish line sprint!

The day before---Saturday was the State TT champs at Stoney Creek where conditions were ideal for fast times. And fast times were had, record breaking times in fact. Somehow, I managed to go a few secs slower than last year when conditions were pretty bad. I knew I wasn't gonna do any damage out there, I just want to tr and limit my losses in the 30+ BAR. The way Adam and Rob TT, they don't make it easy! Once again, the team did great, and hopefully will regain, and maintain the lead.

as usual, comment away, and maybe I will see you out there for the FF ride tomorrow!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Fathers Day!!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

How quickly two weeks go by…

From the City of Norfolk to the City of Chesapeake!

I worked at the Norfolk city garage for seven years as an automotive technician. I sure had good times there! And made a lot of good friends as well. I had it real good there, so good that it took me leaving sort of to find out. I’m glad I left mainly because of all the growing and experiences I encountered since leaving. I had a great job experience at Colonial Chevrolet body shop. What a great bunch of guys working in that shop! From there I started my own courier business serving the great folks of Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Suffolk, on up to Smithfield. I will miss many of them, but it just became too much. And that damn downtown tunnel, I will not miss YOU! The fine folks at Colonial Chevrolet parts dept will be missed. I got out of my huge chevy siverado extended cab with an eight ft bed, and gave my wife a beautiful new Nissan pathfinder!
Yea, Yea, I know, I got the judywagon but I will somehow man it up soon (somehow).
Today, I did orientation at the city of Chesapeake for my latest and greatest job. Automotive technician. I actually missed turning a wrench, I mean it’s all I’ve done my whole life, it’s who I am, I’m excited, I’m nervous.
In between jobs, I gave myself two weeks off, basically because I haven’t had any time off in a year and a half! I literally rode my butt off, and went to the gym all the time, had breakfast, and lunch dates here and there. Got to do the famous Tuesday and Thursday morning rides, with Panera to follow ( and because I don’t like Panera’s coffee, I hit Starbucks after that)! We went to Disney World from Wednesday to Sunday! I picked up a bit of a cold, and haven’t worked out or ridden in over a week, but I’m sure I will be fine. I did hit the gym today for some light cardio, and it hurt real bad. The heart rate is up, and I was winded at 50% workload. The sweat, and heavy breathing felt good, but it didn’t help my pounding headache, and bodyaches. I will give tomorrows dropfest of a ride a go, and see what I’ve got. With Gener doing Mt Mitchell today, I’m sure he won’t be firing on all cylinders which will be fine with me.

Have a Magical Day!

Wish me luck on my first day on the new job! I hope I don't fall asleep during orientation...

I wonder how gener and bo-bo are doing @ mt mitchell...

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Saturday, June 09, 2007

having a great time in Florida!!! More in store for ya'll real soon...

Monday, June 04, 2007

Hey Blogger Bully! What say you?

Check out this gem below...



My geekfriend whos in fla sent me the link to this new microsoft buzz! It looks pretty cool. I can't wait to go down there and throw down microsoft style at universal studios this Thursday! Holla! WQQT

Sunday, June 03, 2007

wooooo, ooooooh!