Saturday, June 30, 2007

Dog Gone Down!

Hopefully I had my annual wreck, and I'm good for another year (not including off road) (those are a given).
It's not too bad, nothing is broken, just banged and scraped up my whole right side.
We were just wrapping up loop one of the infamous sat morn ride when a traffic light suddenly changed to red on us. With the sudden brakeage, I ended up crossing a wheel and started going over. I hit the eject button and tried to run out of it, but the left leg wasn't on that program causing me to trip over my bike and slam into the curb with my knee, hip, elbow, shoulder, and face! Oh, and my hands got pretty jacked up (no gloves). They say I hit pretty hard. I don't remember much after hitting my head, just remember being surrounded by all my peeps looking at me like I looked pretty bad. They carried me off of the street, I stood up and felt like I needed a standing 8 count! Crazy kept trying to make me go a certain direction but for some reason I was going the opposite way. I don't even know which way it was. It's funny now. I thought for sure that I broke my collarbone, but I had full range of motion. That is why I hit the gym year round. You may not be able to tell by lookin at me, I wrap myself with a thin layer of muscle that most roadies do not, and trust me, it comes in handy. Fortunately, I had my camera with me. Ho-Bo couldn't get it to work (because the impact knocked the memory stick out of place). Silly Sally took a few shots after I fixed it, and Gener took the rest. He said I needed to leave cuz he could almost see my junk. I actually considered riding some more, But Marco told me to goto his house so Suzanne could fix me up. So I did, I took a quick and painful shower, got cleaned up and bandaged, and entertained by the little ones. Then I headed to Starbucks for the post ride americano, and scone with everyone. From there it was off to Contes to pick up my race wheel that they glued a new tire on so I could race it on Sunday. Only now it's to drop off my bike to make sure it's ok. The only problem found was a bent brake bolt that holds the front brake on to the fork. They replaced it right away while Crazy, Judy, and I had a wonderful lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. Picked up my bike and headed to Patient First for some more TLC.
Thanks to all who helped out, and I'm alright and blessed! Thanx Crazy, Brenna,& Winders especially! Also Stoop, Danbo, Gener, Nisbet, and Dinsmore for checking in on me.
Now let's go kick some ass at the race tomorrow! Hopefully I wake up fresh as a daisy and raring to go!!!

This was just a silly crash that happens out there---no fault---it just happens----glad no one else went with me!

This look was because some redneck stopped his truck, and started yelling at us. He actually got out of his truck, till Crazy and company made him change his mind...


  • At 9:19 PM EDT , Blogger Marco said...

    Yeah I don't know what that guy was thinking...

    Did you see the way I backed Crazy up? That guy turned tail and ran!!!

    Glad to hear nothing is broken.

  • At 9:29 PM EDT , Blogger ho-bo said...

    you and about 40 others, woot....

  • At 10:17 PM EDT , Anonymous chris d said...

    Dawg looks like he's been in a scrap. A little blood suits you.

    Race if you can, but take it easy tomorrow if that feels smarter. You know the difference.

  • At 12:20 AM EDT , Blogger JB said...

    Whatz up wit all deez crashes? Glad you're OK. Some weird karma goin' round. Got 6 hours on the MTB 2day. Didn't fall once, and the 18 hr course was pure slippy, sloppy, slime after 3 inches of rain.

    Heal quick.

  • At 9:47 AM EDT , Blogger T.Karnes said...

    damn dogg! get better soon!

  • At 1:04 PM EDT , Blogger MRussell said...


    get and be well.

    Are we still on for Sunday?

  • At 5:01 PM EDT , Blogger Kevin said...

    I have never been in a fight before... My mouth does a lot of fighting for me!

    Sunday @ Sherando is a GO!
    Saturday night at Parker's one year party!!!

    Thx erbody!!!

  • At 12:18 PM EDT , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Glad the dawg is feelin betta. Just loved D-Bo's comments, "poor dawg"--and saving the grass from where you fell was classic.
    You de man k-dawg! See you on the 4th! :) ss

  • At 10:22 PM EDT , Blogger Kevin said...

    Thanx silly sally! I didn't see you today so happy 4th!


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