Monday, April 24, 2006

On Top of Humpback MTN
Poor Farm was very muddy for this years Spring Cup!
The latest and greatest 3's!
Happy Birthday, JB!

My Dog! Chuck

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Ride The Lightning!

These were taken while driving up to C-ville Friday night!

Weekend In C-ville...

A bunch of us headed for the hills this weekend, some for hill work on the road and some for the O-Hill Meltdown mtb race. Mike, JB, and myself went to O-Hill (O-Hell) at UVA for a wonderful adventure in the dirt and rocks. Thanx a ton JB for all the bottle hand ups, coud'nt have survived without it. I did'nt realize just how hard this race would be. And how hot and fast the first lap would be. Gotta love 15 dolla mtb races! Grassroots all the way. The course was well marked, well? Speacial thanx to the roanoke fellas for providing us with shade, H2O, and chairs post race.
Sunday we rolled down to the guard shack at Wintergreen, hung a right up reeds gap, and hit the blue ridge for a few miles to waarm up. OUCH!!! Then down to the start of the Wintergreen Ascent, a race being held next month. Us beach folks have to get up there and acclimate so to speak.
Here's a few pics of a crazy storm Friday night on the drive up. Crazy was driving and shooting. Crazy is Crazy, but he got a sweet ride the lightning shot. I managed to snag one that lit the whole sky up, and there just so happened to be a state trooper pullin somebody over on the right.
The rest are mostly scenic shots
JB will be posting race pics soon.