Friday, August 31, 2007


I told you I got bit by a brown recluse spider on the Great Bridge Bully ride... It's now Friday night and it burns and itches! Same leg as my bum hip, sweeet!

Danbo, Misty, and Sunny came over tonight to chill for a bit and drop off his bike rack for us in time for the sm-100!

We'll be away for the long weekend, so here's two videos to hold you over...

The parents of miss teen south carolina

Now thats how you start a CX race! Keep yer eye out for the Slingshot!

Thursday, August 30, 2007


Should a computer have a resting place on a CX bike? your vote can be placed in the comments.

my reasoning is that my road bike is up in the rafters, and the CX ride is my only hoopdy (by choice).
I mean, how else would I tally my velog??? I have never seen the HR during a CX race, so my piqued (Liz) interest has the best of me. Plus, look at it all nestled up under the flaming Hot S of the Slingshot fork...

Yes, JB, the bar tape is being replenished tonight with blood red when I replace all the cables. I'd like to get a red saddle also.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Slingshot DD-X update

I got anxious tonight and started the project! I need a cable set and I should be set.
With my friends coming over tomorrow night for blades of glory, we should have it together in no time!
We should have some entertaining stories and photos out of tomorrows gathering...

If you truly know me, then you know that this is my favorite brew! So when I saw this gem on their website for half off, the dog pounced! I sort of collect long sleeve skinsuits and THIS just had to make it in there.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Slingshot DD-X has Arrived!!!

I would like to thank Jason and everyone at slingshotbikes!
They've got a good thing going on over there.
I'm currently trying to schedule the buildup. It's a crazy time right now, with the SM100 coming up this Sunday. I can't believe i'm racing with last years tour de france winner.
It looks like this Thursday before the viewing of Blades of Glory, Crazy Dog Cycles will get the build of the DD-X started.

Great Bridge Bully Ride!

The ride was good tonight! The weather was sweet, the speed was constant, and fast! I got dropped twice!!! I got to ride with some folks I don't normally ride with, and that was nice. With the SM-100 looming, I just wasn't very interested in that kinda speed. After pulling the plug part duex, I instantly got stung by something huge on the inner thigh through the shorts! Ah, it hurt so bad! It seems ok now thankfully. Last thing I need right now is another setback.

Fowler wants us all to know that he's not fat!!!
And that he likes to fondle himself as a pre-ride ritual...

T-Kranes and Young Mark

Phone Bully!

Struggling (not up to par today)


in respondo to brilliant...

Sunday, August 26, 2007


It seems to be that epic time of year...
The road season is OVER, and theres no time for rest.
I'm scrambling trying to get a cross bike, and build it asap so I can do what I do... Cross it up!
This season could have a two story brick monkey wrench thrown into the mix. Well it does actually. We are buying a sweet house and moving next month. Ya'll will be seeing that whole process i'm sure.
I'm also getting my MTB ready for the SM100. I will never be ready for that adventure, but look forward to the awesome weekend and hopefully bettering my time... This time, I'm bringing the fam with me so 2 nights of camping, 100miles of mtb'ing, and lots of partying----woot!
So EPIC is for the SM-100, the IronCross, and well, this mornings run for instance... I woke up early for a run before the heat of the sun rose. I haven't run in over a week, so I was looking at maybe a short stint of 20mins. I tried a different route in the golf course, and wrong turn after wrong turn, I was LOST! I kept telling myself "act like the days of old when people are chasing you and keep running"! My i-pod batt was in the RED, NickelBack was just about done! Finally found my way, and made it home around the 50 minute mark. I never run that long! looking back at it, I'm glad i did it, I feel like I broke through a barrier of mine (did I just say barrier?) (CX). So as I sipped on my fresh brewed COFFEE, I got to thinking bout EPIC.
I had epic shopping at contes for the food needed for an off road 100 mile stint.
Lots of furniture shopping being done. Lots of custom items being built. I found it to be good times choosing fabrics, and styles. Ya'll would not believe my decorating skillz!!!
I have seriously never seen so many people so amped about the upcoming CX season! That makes me smile ; )
One of my goals this season is too bunny hop some barriers! I know I can do it! With my new Slingshot thats currently enroute, I'm sure it will be done. And you just know it will be on video... Stay tuned for the Slingshot DDX build up soon. As well as the Horvath move (house).
We had a special visit from the entire Blog Bully fam tonight! Good to see ya'll... Can't wait to go out to Carabbas soon!
Thursday night at the Doghouse --- movie night! Blades of Glory! Get in where you fit in! There won't be too many more at this location. The new DUDE room is gonna be SWEET!

Congrats to Team-TriPower on yet another great season on top. This year was a tough one, but we came through by persevering a lot of obstacles! I look forward to another year "I'M IN!" It was great to see some acknowledgements on the Contes sign finishing up our ride Saturday morning! Thanks to Tyler for shooting and sending the pics! Thats me and Steevo aka the Manimal!

I'm getting early reports in that TriPower along with a lot of other "flatlanders" kicked butt up at the Blue Ridge Extreme today! Good onyas! I look fwd to seeing it in the BLOGoSphere!

Rick Young had succesful back surgery Friday and will be on the road to recovery real soon! Good luck with that Rick! We're all here for ya, bro!

I have really ranted like a college chick who's been out till 4am! Woot!
I will leave you with an awesome picture of the final GFTL shot by KevinDillard!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Rick Young

This past Thursday Morning our friend and cycling brother was hit from behind by a car while he was riding his bike!
The driver of the car has been charged with DUI
Rick was hurt pretty bad, and his bike was destroyed
Evidently things got even worse
This email has found it's way to my inbox tonight, so I figured I'd post it here for more of our cycling community to see.
Get well soon Rick!
Rick is a k-blog regular, so he will be seeing this. Comment some well wishes
Thanks to Steve Simet, and Crazy for spreading the word.


Most of you know that Rick Young was hit by a vehicle from behind while riding his bike last Thursday around 6:35 a.m.
Rick wants to thank all of you that assisted him with his injuries with his injuries and getting his bike to the shop.
Rick got severe road rash, stitches in the back of the right knee and stitches in his left elbow. He has severe back pain which makes it very difficult for him to move around. For the most part his spirits are high and wants to get on the bike as soon as possible. Since the accident Rick has been at home resting and being totally pampered by Carol his girlfriend.

Rick has spent the last couple of days at the doctors office getting more x-rays of his back due to the severe pain. One of the x-rays showed a fracture in the T12 vertebra which will require back surgery. Rick is scheduled to get back surgery this Friday at Virginia Beach General hospital. He is currently in Virginia Beach General until his surgery on Friday. I do not know how long he will be in the hospital after his surgery. He is in room 319 and is allowed to have visitors. Rick would really enjoy the support from friends and fellow cyclist.

Have a great day and be safe.

Steve Simet

Photo cred; KevinDillard From this years Norfolk Cycling Classic

Monday, August 20, 2007

The Showdown!!!

This is AWESOME!

JB Was at the Go Fast Turn Left #3 and shot some pics as well. I don't think too many people wanted to miss the sands falling from this hourglass...
It was just good times!
Nice work JB

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Keith showed his ASS!

Why its Keith Johnson of my favorite team SR-Racing! I am sick and tired of people turning completely around in front of Keith and losing control of their bike. Thats pretty much what happened Saturday at the GoFastTurnLeft#3 race held at Southside Sppedway in Richmond VA. He seems alright, nothing broken, just a bunch of road rash and frustration.
  • KevinDillard
  • was there racing and shooting, and I'm just sure that he caught it on film!
    Lots of riding this weekend! Hopefully I can find time to report on it.

    Have a great Monday!

    Update; It's Monday, and what a day it has been! ( a good day with lots of emails)
    These two pictures are from Keith Johnson himself (thanx for sharing them here at the k-blog)

    Last photo is from JB's photoblog

    Wednesday, August 15, 2007

    In the Market for a new Cross Bike???

    Need a new cross bike?
    Check out this Slingshot Deal!
    ONLY $650.00!

    The Slingshot DDX features a custom carbon fork, a cross specific top tube design, custom carbon seat and chain stays. This provides a very compliant ride while sacrificing nothing in the acceleration department. We have limited frames left in stock so act fast!

    Slingshot Bicycle Company is launching a pre-emptive strike for the upcoming 2007-8 cyclo-cross season. We are dressing up our highly acclaimed DDX with the performance driven Ultegra group, and offering it up at mind numbing prices.

    Component Highlights: $1800 Complete

    Full Ultegra group (50x34 compact Ultegra crank set)
    Hand built Velocity Wheels
    Cane Creek IS-8 carbon headset
    Cane Creek SCX-5 cantis
    FSA 31.8 Bar
    FSA OS-190 Stem
    FSA SL-K carbon seat post
    Michelin C-Cross Mud tires
    Selle San Marco Aspide saddle


    Monday, August 13, 2007

    the gems from the ches crit!

    Sunday, August 12, 2007

    images from the ches crit

    I don't see why he blew Pauly a kiss???

    As Ruth put it----Blog Bully blew his wad winning a $50 dollar prime! She did a stellar job announcing the race.