Friday, July 25, 2008

Ride Till Ya Bleed!

Thank you all for your calls, txts, emails of concern and well wishes. It's going really well, and it feels good to have such a good network of friends that back me even when I do something very stupid!

6 days after tappin my tater, I was able to get out on a ride.

Was gonna race Wed night, but the rain wasn't havin it. So the young gunz and I went to the movies and saw Dark Knight. Wow, what a good flick! I had to see what all the hype was on the Joker. It's true, he's legit.

So the ride was nice. I initiated myself getting dropped very early on but it's cool, I had a great ride in a nice group. I was able to put out some hard efforts and recover well, and the sprint was outstanding!
The helmet was hurting my head really bad, and any big bumps went right thru my head. The bandage didn't offer too much comfort, but it shows how muh splooge i'm still emitting. It's all good, whateva!

I can't wait to have a nice lil get together here at the house tonight and talk about the upcoming cross season! Is the art of "RSVP" dead or what? (so rude)

Also looking fwd to more riding this weekend...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

off the chain

First of all, thanks to all the well wishers already! They have been pouring in as the news spreads...
Here is the email i composed while laying in the hospital bed for so many hours.

If I only knew the reasons I do some of the things I do...
I picked up Judy from camp and we hit DQ for some girl scout cookie blizzards
(yum) and then home. We played with Chuck for a bit and then went to the garage
for her to ride her bike and me to get mine ready for the Sat morn ride. In our
garage we have this chain hanging from the ceiling from previous owners. I would
assume it was for a punching bag or something like that. I usually can be found
swinging on it. Well today I decided to do a flip on it while hanging from it.
As I got vertical the chain let loose from the ceiling and I fell to the floor
landing on the back of my head the left shoulder. Right in front of poor Judy. I
felt my head with my hand and checked for blood and sure enough my whole palm
was red. I remained calm and grabbed a towel and applied pressure and Judy and I
headed to the hospital. I totally should have called 911. I forgot that I work
for the city and they would have been there in a second. The ER was a mess as
you can imagine, a full house. I was a mess and I didn't seem to get any sense
of urgency. I had a hard time trying to fill out the paperwork. And finally
after they wouldn't give me any time frame as to if or when I'd be seen, I left!
That's right I left. I threw my chart at the man and walked holding my head high
(with my hand of course). I went across the street to patient first where I
usually go and they freaked. They were like you need to go to the hospital like
now. I was like helloooo, been there, got the wristband, they were too busy for
They cleaned me up a bit, hooked up an iv, and ekg and by then the ambulance
showed. They were like alright a city worker! They really had a good time with
me and I expect a lot of ribbing when I get back to the shop come monday. This
gave me a ride to the front of the line! Everywhere I went looked like a murder
scene as I was losing a lot of blood. I quickly got a room, and here I sit in my
hosp bed with 5 stitches in my head awaiting a cat scan. The doc was talking
about staples which would have been cool but stitches are just fine.
What a way to start the weekend.
The Judster was a real trooper for me. She broke down on me once but I told her
that she had to be strong for me because at the time I wasn't. I sent the girls
home a few hours ago as they don't need to watch me get stitched and scanned. I
hope they're up when I get outta here to pick me up!

So that's where I'm at. I feel very very lucky because initially I really felt
like I was a goner!
Try not to be stupid out there and don't hesitate to call 911, that's why there
I shouldn't have driven us around like I did, but I did what I thought I needed
to do even though it was wrong. I feel like I learned from that...

I will have pictures and all that good stuff out there soon.


P.S---im home and restless now! All is well

The best was during the initial eval the doc turned to my wife and daughter and asked if i was always this out of it and lethargic, to which they both said "oh yes"!

I keep trying to tell ya'll that i'm hard headed, but I guess I must prove it every now and then.

Today I woke up very late to a pillow soaked in blood. My head was leaking the pretty blue stitches must not be wrapped too tight (like me). The shower was a chore, trying to be careful around the hole in my head while still trying to wash out dried and crusty blood from my hair. I think I did a pretty nice job though it took a while. We then headed for the beach where we chilled for a few hours at 77th street. The water was awesome, and the waves were kickin! It was killing me not to go fully in the water. I really enoyed the family time, and just relaxing on the beach. My dumb ass move has put me in vacation mode! Came home and made some home made organic pizzas and I had some tasty red wine. The swelling has gone down, and i feel back to my normal and witty self! A little sore in the back, shoulder, and neck, but that's too be expected.
I was looking forward to racing Bryan Park tomorrow, but theres just no way.
Good job to all who TT'd today, and good luck tomorrow!

As hairy as I am, they laughed as they stuck these ekg pads all over me! I left them on until this morning. This one placed by my heart I had to freakin cut off with scissors OUCH!


Saturday, July 05, 2008



Check it out! A preview page is up, and i'm really excited to see this thing come to fruition! Big thanx to Marco for getting things up and running...

Stay tuned for more info