Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

broken leg (ouch)

CX Practice Sessions are done

The last session of Trashmore CX practice went down last night.
There were only 5 of us out there when conditions simulated the most ideal cross weather without rain. It was about 50 degrees with winds gusting to 26mph. That and the very bumpy terrain caused for quite the session.
Everybody showed up at the newly appointed time of 5:15pm (due to lack of sunlight) and ready to roll. The barriers were brought out and we came up with a plan of just knocking out as many laps as we could or wanted to till it got dark. The most laps I've ever done in a row during practice was 3. But on this night I ended up doing 5! I wanted to quit after 2, but somehow fought the demons and kept going and at a decent clip. I stopped once after 3 to take a layer of but it was only a few seconds. Everybody agreed that it was the hardest they'd ever experienced there. The wind was insane!
Afterwards, some of us ran a big lap around the park, and threw in some big hill repeats.

I certainly hope a lot of you benefited from these practice runs. I enjoy having people to workout with and push me to not lallygag!

Any ideas on what to do for Tuesday evenings?

Speaking of evenings, see you all at the norfolk contes 6pm for the wed night ride to, thru, and from ipswich on cx bikes (or mtb).

And don't forget all about bikes (7:30pm) chesapeake on cx bikes (or mtb) for another great group ride.

All rides will require front light beam, tail light, and of course a helmet. Post ride beer is always nice and graciously accepted.

See you out there!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

October Beard Contest (update)

It seems as though we are at a tie for first place! I thought I'd walk away with this one but my boy Mean Dean is giving me a run for my lunch! We have like the same beards. There's still some time, so I will be hitting the gym hard because when I grunt I feel like the beard grows!
And if that doesn't work I will just beat his ASS and shave him!
B A M N! which means By Any Means Necessary!


So I joined Facebook this weekend, and things have been insane ever since! Been outta HS for almost 20yrs and making connections with the old school Jersey peeps is a lot of fun!
Bear with me during these times, I'll be back soon

Saturday, October 25, 2008

21st Annual Tidewater Mountain Bike Challenge!

I am really looking forward to some good ol fashioned MTBikin yo!

Tidewater Challenge Blog

Monday, October 20, 2008


Granogue pics i took

What an exciting sprint for third!

After Trebon, and Powers came through, the crowd had great expectations for who would get third... National champ TJ up against local fave and MTB phenom JB.
JB claims to have been "pinched" but I would chalk it up to road tactics and experience.
Either way it was very exciting! I am very impressed with Jeremiah really mixing it up with the top CX'ers, thats no easy task. All while bunny hopping the barriers!
Take a good look at the faces in the crowd...
Can you find Crazy??? Happy Birthday Crazy Mike Hosang!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


all pics are from Chad
Chad's flickr

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Kids of 757.CX!

Took T Kranes and Elliot with us to Granogue today! Their first cross race had them pretty stoked. They struggled a bit but had a great time and are looking for more. I think theres great potential in them. They got to rock the limited edition prototype skinsuits today.

chillin wit my G00NZ!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Virginia Beach CycloCross Winter Endurance Challenge!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

iron bound!

On the road up to PA for the 6th edition of Americas longest cross race!

I got the clearance from the Doc last Sunday to resume hard riding and to do this race.

The location of the crack in my neck is not in a criticle area. Its still pretty stiff and sore and stuff.

I've had 3 weeks of inconsistant riding and I lost some good form but I feel lucky to be alive. I felt pretty good on todays roadie ride. Its always fun rockin the house with full on cross bikes.

I also somehow escaped sickness that like everybody has right now. 2 of the 4 people in this very vehicle are quite ill... Young Mark and I need some SARS masks.

So, all that being said; this will be my 5th IC and its all about good times with my 757 peeps. And I will bring what I've got, roll the dice, and see what my time is.

More later, I gotta make sure sick ass Crazy don't fall asleep.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


This is how I remember Him, helping me up as a youngster to blow out some birthday candles.
And yucking it up at a cousin's wedding. We had great times, he raised me, He will live on through me there's no doubt about that!!! They (Grams & Gramps) are gone but they will remain in our (those that knew them & and were touched by them) hearts and lives forever...
He nicknamed me a long time ago as "google" and he always would say "google ol buddy" and something wise and witty. And whenever I heard that, I was sure to listen up!
 Take care ol Buddy, tell Dot we say "Hey"!

I'm off to N.J tomorrow morn...