Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Checkout Sam climbing the walls @ her new house!

JB's Gallery of...

Check out pics from the 20th Tidewater Challenge, and Chimborazo CX!


Monday, October 29, 2007

Blog Bully

He says we're done, but I don't know... He's come back numerous times...
What do ya'll think? Could this be it? I'm always willing to try and work things out.
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has captured what I've been seeing for years!!! This Guy is fly yo!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Suck Knob was turned all the way up today...

I finally did a Chimbo CX race without mishap! WooHoo! Only problem is that I sucked. It's all good, I was happy to finally be crossin it up in VA in front of all our peeps. The A field is no joke... I look forward to trying to get closer to those fast guys in the front group. The legz have had that not so fresh feeling all week. Not that fresh legs would have done much better. I want to be at peak fastness for mid December so these ass whoopins should help me out in the long run.

Silly took a spill right in front of us in the gravel and scared the crap out of us all. She had a flat, and was bleeding pretty badly but (HTFU) finished the race! They say that a dog licking wounds is good... I'm just trying to help. I don't know what Crazy's doing??? (photo courtesy of Cyclochris)

I dunno...

I was egged on to pull a wheelie at the finish. I'm not very good at the wheelie thing, but luckily pulled one off. Nice shot Cyclochris! And thanx for sharing the pics...

The cobbles were sweet giblets!


These two are from Albe---- Much thanx to Jinx who gave me, and Bill Evans water bottle feeds just about every lap. Also encouraging words, and time gappage... I freakin Love those guys!

This is where we ate post race. It's called Bottoms Up and she sits right under some train trax,,, oooooh boy are they loud. They rival va beach jets! It was great pizza tho.
These four gems were taken by the ever impressive Blackberry Curve!

Gotta have the infamous HRBT sunset shot!
Peace out, I gotta get some Chinese Food...

Friday, October 26, 2007


It's Friday! Be sexy everybody...

Kevin Dillard Has Granogue pics up, and currently working on Wissahickon

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

another episode of cyclofile.com

some more Granogue pics

The phenom of this year CX season so far-----> Who? Chris Jones, who? Chris Jones, who? Chris Jones!!!

Crazy and Kevin Dillard

Tim Johnson owned Granogue!

My fave rider Jeremy Powers raced really well on Saturday, and showed that something special was in order on Sunday!

The run-up was packed with crazy fans! It is the place to be! Wick nasty pretty much rode it everytime!

Barry Wicks was good, just not his usual self...

Senior Wittwer showed us all how it's done all weekend. He don't be wearin that jersey for nothin ya'll...

Ward Solar hangin tough all weekend with the stars of cross!

Molly Cameron pretty much had a rough go at it Saturday, things went a lot smoother Sunday but looked good all weekend!

The women hit the barrers/run-up on lap one. At the top of this hill is the beer tent (perfect location for viewing 90% of the course. They just need to put a port a john in the vicinity. Then the crowds will get real rowdy!

And the winner is... Kerry Barnholt

A most impressive race and sprint for 2cnd comes from Rebecca Wellons!

Snuck into the VIP area!

This picture is from Kevin Dillard's "Mary Jane" collection! He was fun to watch in the first race of the day as we warmed up on the trainers...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

It's that time again...

Monday, October 22, 2007

I am SAM!

I met Sam at the Granogue race Saturday, and she is very cool!
I kept seeing her all over the venue selling stickers and raffle tickets in order to raise money towards the fight against cancer. And every time, I said that I would buy one. Their tent was conveniently located next to the beer tent, so while I was in line we struck up some conversation. She asked if I knew anyone suffering from cancer to which after thinking I said suprisingly "no". So I said "how bout you? She said "no, well not anymore". Turns out she had it, and kicked it's ASS! WOOT! It was awesome, and I'm glad to have met her. I bought the "cancer sucks" sticker. She showed off the R rated sticker on the side and gladly posed for a pic on the K-Blogg!
I hope she sees this and posts a comment, cuz I can't remember what her live journal page is... Some weird name.
Everybody give Sam a WOOT!

Granogue and Wissahickon!

K-Dill was in the house! And raced well...

We represented well, and crashed a whole lot!

An indicator as to how windy it was out there

TJ owned Granogue-----Finally!

The write up and lots of cool pics to come...

Thursday, October 18, 2007

I just want my Dog back

Monday, October 15, 2007

Ironcross 5 !

This is my fourth go at it. The first one I missed due to knee surgery. I just Love this race and each year it gets better. I also love the crew that we bring every year that keeps getting bigger and stronger with each edition. I even made a blog about it 757 goes to Ironcross #5!
We stay at a wonderful Hostel one mile from the course which is a highlight of the weekend!There's nothing like bunking with your fave riding boys and girls who all say that they don't snore but you find out that half of them are lying! Liz , no matter what people (haterz) say, I truly look forward to your oatmeal, and coffee!
Some weird pre-race activities we did the day before consisted of 2 on 2 basketball, volleyball, football, and a ride to spin out the legz which ended up being mostly climbing... I want to do well at this but really, I think most know that i'm here for fun! That's what keeps me in this game for so long...
I rolled up there with Crazy, Art, and Young Mark in the Suburban (thanx Brenna).
We hooked up my dvd player with Mike's computer speakers which were soooo loud it was awesome! We watched so many silly movies, it passed the time so well.
In the Hostel I again hooked the dvd player to they're tv and we watched 300 a great pre epic race epic movie! One by one, people started dipping out for bed, so I followed suit. I wish that people who snored would let us non snorers goto sleep, then turn on the freakin sawmill!!!
At the race start I feel like I dressed perfectly. Speaking of perfect, how bout that weather and trail conditions? No maatter how bad you were suffering, atleast you could fall back on "damn, it's freakin perfect out here"!
There was a fast crew up front this year, and more so than ever... I had good starting position, and improved that on the prologue cx course. I had a good start, and I didn't feel like I was blowing up, and that is a new feeling for me. Usually I blow it in the start and catch a 2cnd and 3rd wind later on when it's like too late. I was constantly in the company of greatness. Really, the people I rode with, and tried to ride with were classy hard working individuals all doing what they could to finish this thing with nothing but a respectable time. A lot of my 757 peeps passed me on some early climbs but I saw them all again after the singletrack, and we worked and joked together till the crawl up. Where Mark C literally walked away from us (very impressive), and I walked away from my crew. I totally didn't expect that. This is usually a place where I fall apart, but I attribute my running to helping me get up the run ups this year, and afterwards, I felt unafected by it, so I blew right through the rest stop at the top and motored on. That's when I felt like I was building on a special ride!
Sidenote----I have done this 4 times and still have no clue of where I am on the course! I'm very impressed by those who know sections by name and what's next... I feel a bit ashamed when newbies ask if i've done ths before, yet I can't tell them where we are and what's next!!! (sorry)
At the top I saw Bill G fixing a flat, little did I know how much of a problem that turned out to be... He blew out the casing, and needed two new tieres to get to the finish. That sucks cuz he was rollin hard.
That's the thing about this race, anything can happen. I saw so many crashes, and more flats, and it just reminded me to be conservative.
Aside from my subpar climbing, I had a flawless ride! The DD-X worked really well! The Carbon front and rear made for quite the supple ride paired with the Maxxis raze tires, carbon bars and seatpost, this was one smokin ride! When I reached the final road section, I knew where I was, And I knew how much was left. I knew that I wasn't getting caught by anyone, and I knew that I was embarking on my dream goal of 4:30 which the announcer let me know that that was coming true! Big smiles were had, and Crazy was waiting for me with Mark C with major congrats. They both kicked ass with a 4:13 each! We welcomed in the others, and hit the general store and bought sodas for everyone.
I got to meet my friend from Slinghot< Jason---who traveled with daniellemusto who did the IC on a DD-X for the first time. They both did well and finished strong. More importantly, they were very friendly. Happy birthday Jason! And thanx for that awesome beer! I hope I can find that stuff down here ( what is it called? Founders IPA).

Good job to everyone!
Let's do it again next year!
Next time we eat dinner at the race venue! The Moose Lodge has run its course, or we've outgrown them...

Next up is Granogue, and Wissahickon. Looking forward to it!

IC - V report coming soon...