Monday, October 22, 2007

I am SAM!

I met Sam at the Granogue race Saturday, and she is very cool!
I kept seeing her all over the venue selling stickers and raffle tickets in order to raise money towards the fight against cancer. And every time, I said that I would buy one. Their tent was conveniently located next to the beer tent, so while I was in line we struck up some conversation. She asked if I knew anyone suffering from cancer to which after thinking I said suprisingly "no". So I said "how bout you? She said "no, well not anymore". Turns out she had it, and kicked it's ASS! WOOT! It was awesome, and I'm glad to have met her. I bought the "cancer sucks" sticker. She showed off the R rated sticker on the side and gladly posed for a pic on the K-Blogg!
I hope she sees this and posts a comment, cuz I can't remember what her live journal page is... Some weird name.
Everybody give Sam a WOOT!


  • At 6:53 PM EDT , Blogger Albe said...

    Here ya go. There's no hiding on the 'net.


  • At 7:13 PM EDT , Blogger Kevin said...

    Albe Sure, ur Crazy!!!!

  • At 11:11 PM EDT , Anonymous chris d said...

    wOOt! And 'eff cancer, to boot!

  • At 8:47 PM EDT , Blogger airing out said...

    Hi!!! You found me!!! Well, Albe found me. I wonder who Albe is? There is no hiding on the internet, indeed.

    Thanks for the props. You sure are kind. Someone actually posted to my lj to order a sticker by mail! Thanks so much for the support, hope to see you again.


  • At 9:32 PM EDT , Blogger Suki said...


    do I have to say cancer???

    or can I say my ex-sister in law, instead?

    either way. fuck it!

    and yes...sam is uber cool.


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