Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Casey Crit

Well I was waiting on some pics and results to help me with my post, but I will go with what I've got so far. Cuz I can see ya'll are looking for some juice! Especially Norfolk...
Man, I thought I was getting lucky this year with allergies, till yesterday when my luck ran out bigtime! What a mess.

JRVS put on the Casey (shamrock) Crit Sunday, and once again did an outstanding job! Thanks to the officiating crew too...

I did the 30+ race first, and it was short and fast with many attacks but none sticky enough to stick. A lot of people were riding around with big bullseyes on the back of their jerseys. Thats got to be frustrating...
It came down to a field sprint taken handily by Cam. That sprint started so late, it was at the gate. The narrowest part of the course. I got sandwiched in the middle and managed an 8th place finish. I'm just glad everyone stayed upright. The masters cats really know how to ride and race well.
There was a huge time gap between that race and my next race, so I got changed, pulled up a chair in the shade, and relaxed. That 123 race looked very fast! And after awhile, there was nowhere to hide. Glad I didn't do it...
It was an exciting race to watch. Congrats to Geno Fowler on the awesome sprint, even after dropping the chain!

The cat3 race was a lot of fun, and a lot of work. J-law was insane! He initiated every move by just staying away the whole race only to change passengers here and there. When I saw him and Nisbet together I knew it was good, and when a JRVS rider joined, it was even better. Three big teams were represented, so it should stick. I covered one good attack which took me right up to the break. We initially worked ok together but before long it was J-law doing most of the work with Nisbet and I doing the rest. I'm just learning this breakaway stuff as I've never had this kind of fitness to be in one before. But I sure aint gonna get in one, and just sit on. Thats crazy talk! I knew Nisbet was gonna win, but tri-power should have gotten 2cnd and 3rd. It's all good, I had a great time, and the crowd sure seemed to enjoy it. On our cooldown lap, there was a warm reception of cheers, and applause. Good heads up racing, and team work. Congrats Nisbet!!!

Afterwards, we hit the trails for some great mountain biking just down the road. What and Epic day!

Thanks to my fam for letting the dog go out and play with the fellas all day! Got home just in time to say goodnight to the Judster.

the break

Carol taking Rachel at the line with a nice bike throw (i love bike throws)

Crazy and Sorrel caught the field by suprise on the final two laps and snuck away not to be lapped. Very nice!

Gener kicked my ass all week only to be sick on sunday and suffered. Heal up boy, we gotta ride today!



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