Friday, April 20, 2007

this week in radio

Everyday I listen to NPR. There are two days I really look forward to for two particular shows.

Tuesday at 1pm is the The Thomas Jefferson Hour

Friday at 1pm is This American Life

Todays episode, My Reputation

Today at 11am on point had a very interesting show that actually made me look more into when I got home to the computer. See for yourself.
Todays episode
Some simple sadness, the occasional melancholy, is part of a normal life, he says, and getting rid of them may mean getting rid of the soul.
Sounds like a great convo in a coffee shop...
A blog about the magazine article
You aint gotta look at it or listen to it, I'm just sayin I found it quite interestingly thought, and conversation provoking.

I subscribe to most of these via podcast, and usually listen to them in the gym...

Have a great weekend, Spring is here!


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