Tuesday, April 03, 2007


That was one fast ride today---->6pm---> starting at Great Bridge Cyclery. There was a rather large group to start, and the weather was nice to start. It's kind of chilly now. You can tell the weather will be different tomorrow...
A big mix of riders from varying clubs and race teams and such headed out to the lightly traveled roads of southern Chesapeake. Before long the pace picked up, and the selection was made. We had a big group up front and everyone was working hard. Those All About Bikers are really coming along, getting very strong. It was a good ride, and I got an excellent workout!
Afterwards Bill G helped me break the ice at the new Chichos across the street from my house. I can see myself walking over there a time or two this summer!!!
Just what the Dog ordered after a hectic day at work!


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