Monday, April 02, 2007

Langley Speedway Crit

It was a good weekend for racing, and thanks to Towne Bank, Fat Frogs, and SR racing for putting it all together!
I suprised myself yesterday with two good placings in two very fast fields. A lot of people are on good form already which leads me to believe that this year's racing will be the fastest this area has ever seen! If you aint ready, you better get ready, or hope that a lot of these spring firecrackers blow up ( i don't see that happening btw).
D-Bo was insane yesterday! He gets the red number for those efforts.
thanx to all who encouraged me from the sidelines, it really carried me through the race. You just don't know how many times I wanted to pull the plug!!!!!

And thanx to Danbo and Misty for the ride to and from the race. I was on my way up there when my car started overheating, called them up and hopped in the Matrix! Good thing, cuz later on when I got home pulled in my parking spot BOOM, the upper rad hose blew to smitherines!

thanx to ChrisD for the pics! And to the Samuels as well...

I will write some more, and post more pics later but I gotta tell ya, "I'm pooped!


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