Saturday, September 15, 2007

Blah Blah Blah

It's Friday Night past midnight so officially its Saturday! Why am I up when the Sat Morn Stage race is on tomorrow? (er sat morn va beach group ride)
Registration for Cross Natz opens up at 1:01am today so I'm having a lil reg party with me, myself, and no not lil dupree, I.
That's right, we're going to cross natz in Kansas City baby! Since going to cx natz last year in RI, I just knew i'd make it back to the big dance. It is such an experience. It is very key to have a decent starting position so the registration thang plays a big role.

I hope the rain holds off as I will be rollin the DD-X with my tubular knobbies full on! It's such a great top end speed workout duking it out with the roadies on the cx rig. I look forward to getting together with some special friends tomorrow!

After all that I've got to do some painting as we found a wonderful family to rent our condo. They have two little boys so Judy's pink and purple room has got to be transformed to blue. The big move is at the end of the month for us and things are falling into place nicely.

Tonight we met up at Friendly's with one of Judy's classmates for dinner and ice cream followed up with some miniature golf. That was fun, but putting is HARD!

I have like thirty minutes left so I will post some pics that Danbo took this past Thursday night at Trashmore. He's supposed to hook me up with some video footage as well which I will work with and post as soon as i can...


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