Thursday, May 24, 2007

Wintergreen Ascent Photos

GilbertCravens Picasa
Thanks to Gilbert, We have some visual footage of the pain we went thru during this years Wintergreen Ascent!
Click the handy dandy link to view his public gallery of photos. Last I saw him, he was off of that roller thingy and actually walking. So the healing process seems to be moving along.
In the meantime for yoour viewing pleasure-- here's a tasty lil photo of me (go figure). It's actually one of the least painful pics of me on that mtn. Unfortunately, my time was the same as last year. I say, not bad for not seeing mtns...
I must say that the slightly heavier CAAD 9 felt better than the CAAD 8 due to the stiffness and power transfer. Also the Mavic Ksyrium wheels with TUFO sewups glued on em really felt like a welcomed addition.
The main thing is that the team did well and is holding a slight lead in the BAR for team, men, and women...
It's not gonna be easy this year.


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