Saturday, August 02, 2008

where my stitch's at?

it's been two weeks, and my head is finally sealed up! I can now get that cypriss hill song outta my head (hole in da head).
pulled the stitch's out at home (thx Sal).

Enjoy the weekend!


  • At 10:44 AM EDT , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    oh, you still gotz a hole in your head.....

  • At 11:38 AM EDT , Anonymous Joe - AAB said...

    So does this mean you are ready to do the 18 hour Scouts Honor race?

    Let me know if you want to team up. I'll bring the video camera.

  • At 11:41 AM EDT , Anonymous Joe - AAB said...

    So, do you want to ride an MTB trail at a Scout camp with all the
    amenities one could ask for, including showers, an air conditioned event hall, and a well laid out 9.5 mile trail with 1200-1500 feet of technical climbing per lap over open fire roads and twisting single-track, hanging with other MTBers drinking beer, trading stories for the weekend and actually using the $$$$ light system you bought a few years back for the actual reason they were supposed to be used.

    Or do you want to ride a 30/40-minute race (what is that, about 10-12 miles!). We'll be doing that almost each lap!

    You tell me. That was a good plug for the race wasn't it! :P

  • At 6:38 AM EDT , Blogger Kevin said...

    What do ya know Joe, I'm actually doing that race on a 4 person team! We will be the four horsmen, and I'm looking very fwd to it!
    So, make yourself a team and bring yo camera and I will see you there yo!


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