Wednesday, June 18, 2008


As i was sitting in the living room sipping on some coffee with the morning sun shining through windows, it was good times. I was all packed up for the race at Langley put on by our good friends at Fat Frogs Racing, so the stress of packing and loading the car was non existant. I was thinking of my boy KJ because he lives pretty close to the race site so I was hoping to see him. I sent him a goofy picture i made in photo booth and within a minute he called. I told him he better show and he did. After my race we hung out and watched the rest of the action. Good to see you brotha!!! Phone tag, emails, and txt are one thing, but nothin like the real thing. Can't wait to whoop it up in Gold's gym this winter.(looks like you've been going)

Wick Nasty!

We had quite the corner going on with PBR's and Ed popping wheelies on the course! Thats DBO getting ready for his 2cnd race

I put my chair on top of this ant hole and they (ants) were not happy with me! They covered my entire shoe, and started up my leg which Wicks was happy to point out. After shaking them loose and moving my chair, they chilled and went back in their hole.

So it was a good day, it was Fathers Day as well.

I am a little nervous about the Seal Challenge i'm doing this Saturday at the Amphib Base. I haven't been running like I should. I hope some of the Velocity drills we did all winter will help out. I will let you all know how goes it this weekend.

Enjoy your Friday


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