Monday, May 26, 2008

Jerry Roubaix!

Today was killer, memorial, and Epic!
I want to first apologize for the lack of posting, but I have been sick and not doing so much. I didn't want to bore you with the different phases of my sickness.
I planned on doing the dirty du but during one of my many coughing fits, I pulled a lower abdomen muscle and it hurt like hell and I was unable to run. Oh well, maybe next year. I did get some mtbikin in at new quarter on saturday with crazy. 4th lap bonk was really baaaaad. Getting back into riding shape is never easy!

I didn't know how much of a player i'd be in todays Billy Roubaix, but I do know the terrain and what would be needed in this self supported 70 mile on and off road ride.
It inspired me to get the Slingshot built up. With good rolling tires (size 30) I must say it was a perfect set up. With 20 miles of fire road, it was tough going with the road bikes. Danbo had no issues on the road bike side, and I had none on the cx bike side. Everyone else had some issues whether it be broke spokes, or multiple flats, but on these rides, it's to be expected. After Jimmy D flatted 3times, he became a bit gun shy on the gravel. If he had his slingshot, I think it would be his day. So it ended up being a battle for the Roubaix title between Jerr and Myself. He was riding really well, both on and off road. I knew when I couldn't shake him loose with my attacks that I started wishing a mechanical problem on him. Nah just kidding, he owned it, and deserved it hence the title Jerry Roubaix! I had resorted to trash talkin them to try to throw them off their game like "don't push too hard with that broken spoke Jerr" or "You flatted again Jimmy?" or " are you guys drinking enough? Because you're sweat has dried and crystalized on your backs"... It didn't work, but it was funny.
Jimmy took the KOM with ease.
When the ride was finally done, so were we!
It makes all those burgers, dogd, and beers go down that much easier.
Thanx DBO for putting this ride together!
Those in attendance DBO, Dinsey, Jimmy D, Jerry, Mike M, Silly, Blair, and Me
Damn it feels good to blog again!


  • At 9:46 AM EDT , Blogger angry buddhist said...

    jerry roubaix or stars stripes and pipes?????

    good to see your back from the dead.

    i should let you know today about the small bike for your friend.

    i have been stuck in Utah and watching rain for a week, two rides...i would been better off bringing my snowboard.

  • At 1:57 PM EDT , Blogger D.B.O. said...

    i know about about stripes and pipes.......

  • At 8:53 PM EDT , Blogger Liz Schleeper said...

    I see you guys are getting the 4th of July gear ready for the cx ride! NICE

  • At 7:19 PM EDT , Blogger Silly said...

    Thanks for the photos-glad your blog is back-I have missed it!
    Sorry we couldn't complete the ride!!!!


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