Monday, May 12, 2008

i'm sick

Not just mentally, but since coming back from Disney I picked up a nasty lil cold. Its probably all the chill I got since cutting my hair. But anyway, thats where i've been. I'm not a good "sick person".
I did manage to slog through a mtb race at camp hilbert Saturday, which was fun but slow.
Friday night was a Father Daughter Banquet at Judy's school, and We just always have the best time at them... It was our third one (my how time flies). I am so lucky to be this little angels Father and she makes me so proud!

Kevin Dillard was there doing enduro. I knew better not to do that again.

This photo is from Kevin. If you look deep in my eyes you can see that the whites aint so white, and that there is a disturbance in the force. I will be back, I know what I need to do...
I need to get some running legs back in me for the Dirty Du coming up faster than i'd like.

See you all at the Courthouse!


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