Monday, June 02, 2008

Tuesday Night World Champs

It's been rare lately to get the full effect of the Tuesday night Great Bridge ride with the Tuesday night training races going on. It's a great ride and no matter who shows up, it's hard and fast. With tomorrow night's training crit being cancelled due to some soccer tourneys, i'm calling all you suckas out! No TT bikes will be allowed in the A group. That rule is mainly for Josh ;-)
Bring some cold ones for the post race (er) ride wrap up.

Where:Great Bridge Cyclery

When: 6-3-08 at 6pm

Cost: FREE!!!!

taste the rainbow


  • At 12:05 PM EDT , Blogger nPlusOne said...

    Bringin' it....well, at least to Blackwater til my slow-butt gets tossed off the back.
    Should be a good crowd with the weather and no race scheduled.


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