Monday, August 18, 2008

OMG, the scoop on PMP!

Here's the scoop on PMP.

The term was first used by an Italian merchant marine trapped on a freighter stranded on a sand bar. For hours and hours, the sailor tireless sent out the international distress signal. Dit-Dit-Dit. Dash-Dash-Dash. Dit-Dit-Dit. All to avail. Nothing. Not a peep from any other ships.

For nearly 24 hours, this brave stood his post, downing innumerable expressos. One after the other. These puppies made Starbucks look like Kool-Aid. Finally, with his bladder beyond the bursting point, my uncle, Nicolo Sciocchetti, cut loose right there on deck. Whew! It was nasty.

He disappered into his cabin and in a matter of minutes was back on deck with a fresh pair of britches. He immediately sent out this message.

Dit-Dash-Dash-Dit. Dash-Dash. Dit-Dash-Dash-Dit. PMP

Pissed my pants.

He remained stedfast for 3 more days. Finally, with no more clean pants remaining, Nicolo did the only thing he could do. He abandoned ship, sacrificing his life to the depths of the sea. That's when he discovered that he was in only 3 feet of water.

Legend has it that Nicolo never changed pants again. When people inquired of his far-away stare, all he ever replied was, "PMP."

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