Sunday, August 10, 2008

It's only been a week people!!!

123 race chesapeake crit (blackberry curve)

the post race keg (blackberry curve)

Crazy-Dog Inc. BobnBJ's smugmug
Pre Race Face Gilberts Picasa
Fun in the trailer Jason

I fell again... (blackberry curve)

So Liz is back in town... Liz, are you doing SM-100? I am.

I never thought i'd see this but BigWickNasty is officially on the blog o sphere! Welcome my friend! Now that you know where I live, you can be my little brother. J Dub can't say anything about it while he resides on the wrong coast (right coast represent).

My friend Jason came through town this week with his rolling showroom of hotness. We put him up for a few days, and we rode bikes, drank beer (inbibed) and just chilled. Well we were supposed to just chill, but all kinds of stuff just kept going wrong. It was unbelievable to watch as the train just kept wrecking him. I have to admit, he kept his cool and rolled with the punches. He said every time he gets some time off, this stuff happens. We really enjoyed your stay, and hope that when in the area again- we will be one of your stops.
While we rode the best damn mtb in york river state park, I took a high speed tumble which sent me flying over the bars in a very dramatic fashion! My right inner ankle is bruised and now looks like a cankle. Left knee has a few scrapes, left shoulder and back took a hard hit ripping the skin off a scar that had just recently been sunburnt. And of course the impact to the helmet opened up the hole in my head for a little blood back there. Im so glad it was in the dirt! Fortunately the bike was good to go, so I re mounted the Pivot Mach 4 and continued shredding this trail that I've ridden for many years but never with such speed and lack of effort. That says a lot about the bike. "this trail hates momentum"

Yesterday was the Chesapeake Crit which I always love because it's so close to home, 2.5 miles away to be exact. Had no idea how my form was so I decided to just race once and do the 30+. It was a great race, and a break formed right away on the back stretch of the first lap. I had zero on the warm up meter so there was no way i was attempting to join that move. Crazy got in there so I got to play in the front and disrupt the flow of the chase. I so love doing that, and it's a good workout.
hung around for a little bit to watch the other races, then had to go home and help setup for the post race party.

This Wednesday is the last training race, so lets get a huge turnout and be prepared to throwdown afterwards. I don't even want to tell you what Bill Collins wants to do...


  • At 6:32 PM EDT , Blogger angry buddhist said...

    it's imbibe bro. and the trainwreck has finally ceased on my end but picked up for midget. she got an oil change and the whole oil pan plug stripped out war between two oil change places broke out. I hate it when shady peeps try to take advantage of females, she put it to them as dad in law owns a car business. pretty funny how they backtracked.

    ps they caught the crooks. got some of my loot back.

  • At 7:48 AM EDT , Blogger jw said...

    glad to see kblogg back to pics and descriptors! Don't make me rely on tkarnes and wick for my 757 rider info! Great post guy!


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