Friday, August 15, 2008

Your Opinions Please?

This wed night was the last edition of the HOS training series at the all too familiar sports plex. The weather agreed with us after threatening to dump on us. I had many peeps doing the anti rain dance all over the place (thx).
I had T Kranes with me with a hodge podge bike thrown together by the big wick nasty.
We had some issues getting his jr gearing to work but wyclef skratened it out like a pro.
This race had 41 starters which is a most excellent turnout and good to see. Thanks to VBV and East coast bikes for their parts in making this happen for us.
So the race went really well. everyone was very attentive and chased down every move that went forward. Big ups to all the chicks hangin tough in the race! It was nice to meet Kim who's new to the area from Hotlanta. Everybody be nice and holla at her when you see her.
So I tried to stay near the front and make sure we had somebody in any of the many move attempts.
With 2 or 3 to go I see Gener getting back in the race as we're single file flying across the start/finish area, and I thought that was odd because no race has free laps with that few to go. Turns out that Bully gon Snitcho was touched on the hip by Tyler who btw is barely 130lbs and what, 16yrs old? So Gene pulls out of the race and tells the officials what happened and they somehow managed to pull Tyler out of the race. The finish was nice and smooth despite the drama that was ensuing. During the last two laps I watched in awe as Gener who illegally re entered the race got to the front and chased a team member Keith down who was away on a solo mission.
Afterwards Danielle came over to talk with Tyler and he handled himself very professionally and with respect. I let her know how ridiculous I thought the situation was and found out that Gene re entering the race was unathurized. Cmon, these fine ref's are donating their time to us so that we can race for cheap! They don't need to deal with that BS. And aren't you an official yourself???
Funny how after the race he was nowhere to be found... He was also a no show at the Thursday night great bridge ride which Tyler and I attended. I was hoping to get his side of the story, but doubt that will ever happen
Why am I calling this person out?
I have been nice lately leaving him alone and kind of ignoring his antics. Heck I even invited him and his fam to our party saturday!
And I will continue with what i've been doing but bitch's need to be called out!
We all ride and race in tight quarters and sometimes instead of calling your where abouts you have to put your hand on somebody's hip to let em know exactly where you are. It's actually the safest way to do it.
A lot of times I have found that bullies are at their worst when they feel bullied...
Every region needs a Villian, and boy do we have one! It's entertaining at best.

Post race party was awesome! I aint corn holin nuthin!

So Tyler, I am officially backing you and opening up the comments for everyones say!
This should be a good one.

Makes me want to "PMP" if you txt'rs know what that stands for lemme know. I couldn't have possibly originated where I think it has...

Welcome new readers, enjoy and stuff!


  • At 1:11 PM EDT , Anonymous RobD. said...

    A couple of comments here:

    1. The story was told differently by a couple of different people. Eyewitnesses to the event state it was much more than a touch on the hip, and it could have caused people around them to go down.

    2. Gener jumping back in, so what, it is a training race with no payout. If we were strictly going by the rules, people should get pulled when they fall many laps behind.

    3. Gener chasing a teammate down. Not really. Keith consistently wears clothing that is not LeBleu, so I was trying to do the same thing. Our team got screwed a couple of times this year by not chasing Keith down when we really should have. Also, Keith have previously stated that he was done with our team.(Nothing personal here Keith, just the facts. You know we are friends).

    Okay, those are my comments on the matter.

  • At 1:14 PM EDT , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Rob, you're a good teammate!

  • At 1:41 PM EDT , Blogger Kevin said...

    editors note;
    just got a call from Tyler and he said he did more than a touch on the hip. He "slung himself off of him". Is that like a roller derby move?
    Either way, bully got owned by a junior. This can only get worse!

    I failed to mention the multiple brake checks i've gotten from Gener with nothing done in return on my part.

    Thanks for telling the truth Tyler.

    Rob, sorry to hear about the turmoil on your team. Hope things work out...


  • At 3:45 PM EDT , Anonymous mtbersdonttattletale said...

    roadies are such babies

  • At 4:42 PM EDT , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Kevin, Rob was man enough to cornhole... invitation's always there.

  • At 5:59 PM EDT , Blogger D-BO!! said...


  • At 9:22 PM EDT , Blogger Gene Fowler said...

    K-Dogg Call off the dogs daddy!

    You can re-enter by the way you are just a lap down!

    Thats the rules, and a stupid move kid a person tht our team gave great help to in the past is not getting owned!

    It's a bullshit move by a thankless BRAT!!


  • At 4:27 PM EDT , Blogger jw said...

    I love it that there is so much drama in hampton roads. It makes for interesting reading! Tyler, give me a break, you need to grow and not do shit like that. You know that Gener of all people is gonna get pissed at you. If it were me, I'd would have just isolated you then prob made you crash for fun (but not on wick-nasty's components!).

    Gener prob did the best thing possible by taking it to the officials. I understand both sides of the story. But its really not a story. You guys all need to learn to co-exist and play nicely together. Kblog, I understand you want to side behind Tyler, but no need to call someone what snoop-dog uses to wash his clothes--bleeeeaatch!

    Gener prides himself in being a bully and everyone in hampton roads needs to understand that he finds great satisfaction in this great kind of thing. Thats what makes gener such an interesting character. Every town needs a guy like him.

    I contend tyler has the most to learn here. Not necessarily as a rider, but as a young adult. First, tyler, you need to know when to leave well enough alone. Why even give gener an excuse to exercise his bully muscles? Just beat him in the race, everytime. Then you can be like stoops or buckles and talk with your legs. Those guys crush people and do well in races. Thats what a pro would do. You need to learn to be better. Be a bigger person. Sometimes its hard, but it is the most mature thing to do.

    Kblog, and everyone else, I love tyler (prob more than anyone else on LeBleu) and I doubt anyone in VA has ridden with him more than me. I like Gener too because he's savvy and knows how to maximize situations on the bike. He is an intelligent racer who can beat people who are better than him because he understand cycling. Thats cool.

    So I just want you all to get along. I dont think this kind of thing is positive. Imagine Tkarnes, elliot, lucas or mark maximizing their potential like taylor phinney. These kids need support. Your efforts and GUIDANCE for them makes a difference now. It might take a while, but each of these kids (including other up and comers) has amazing potential. They could put VA beach on the map. Think about it, we have a national team kid, or an olympian. VA Beach then recognizes the tourist potential that a cycling friendly region brings. We get a velodrome or dedicated bike lanes out in pungo. My point is that cycling in the region is bigger than any one individual or club. Its bigger than any omnium win or state championship.

    I say congrats to tri-power for their national recognition. Racing gives you something beyond your own health. It provides a sense of community that has the potential to save lives. It keeps kids out of trouble (thank God elliot rides his bike) and it gives older people a chance to fight off heart disease. Could you imagine geno or danny glover if they didnt ride?

    So, EVERYONE needs to do what they can to lift up the community. Find a way to be positive and contribute more than just your entry fee. There are a million ways to do this, one way is to guide the juniors (and wick nasty) on what being a responsible adult and responsible adult cyclist is.

    I love and miss you all (well, most of you) and love reading about everyone's results.

    Le Bleu is good for the region. TriPower is good for the region. Wheelmen is good. Wether or not you realize it, we need each other. Progress is really hard when you try to achieve it individually.

  • At 4:53 PM EDT , Blogger D-BO!! said...

    DAMN jw, I`M WINNING FOR YOU tommorow at the coastal crit!!!!

  • At 7:20 PM EDT , Blogger Joshua said...

    By his own admittance, Tkarnes was probably wrong. I don't think I have ever heard or seen Tkarnes ride dangerously in the pack. So this one time occurrence is not something to make a big deal about. Gene was not ranked in the top 20 so his re-entry really did not effect anything (plus it was also a training race) and I'm sure Karnes learned a lesson. So everything is cool.

    Here's how I see it. That pack is a pack of riders of all different abilities. My brother went down because some rider (who I think had a one day license) decided to go straight when everyone else turned. If, and this is a big if, Karnes pushed Gene out of anger, or for any reason other than to let him know he was close to him, then Karnes needed to be pulled out. There are some riders in that training race that would hurt a lot of people because they couldn't maneuver around riders pushing each other.

    That being said, I would need to know more about the push to give a true opinion on who was the bigger peen.

  • At 6:46 PM EDT , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    a correction in the information. Crazy chased Keith down on the last lap. Cause he's a bad mo fo and can't stand it when a pack of 40 racers let's a solo flyer win the race. And he's a sexy bitch!
    BTW That was a great write up JW!



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