Saturday, August 23, 2008


Up early for the Contes Va Beach ride. Great ride as usual, spent a lot of time off the front, in the wind doing ironcross type efforts. Rode the Slingshot for the first time in a while and she felt good and fast (just how I like em)! Had the worst cramp ever towards the end in the left calf. Some of my peeps had to witness it, that sucked, but they seemed very concerned so that was nice. Worked it out and rejoined.

Had some good times at bucks. This wonderful young lady kept bringing out the samples and we were taking! She must have come out like five times. We did some serious damage.

Going mountain biking tomorrow at Freedom, so looking forward to it! The more I ride on the dirt, the less tolerance I have for roadies! Trying to do something to prepare for the SM100.

Went out on a re-con mission for a possibly very exciting cross race venue! My fingers are crossed bigtime...


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