Wednesday, August 20, 2008

18 hrs is a long time!

This past weekend we did the 18hrs of scouts honor in Goochland VA.
This is the first time i've done this race, but i've always heard good things, and i found out that their all true.
We came up with our team just two weeks prior to racing, and everyone was clear that fun was the priority.
Our team consisted of Lynn, Jerry, Mugler, and Myself. Mugler came up with the name Four Horsemen with Babydoll in reference to the old school wrestling superstars.
He gets so into it, and we all found that very entertaining.
He came up with the WWF belt freshly engraved specially for this race for the fastest midnight lap for anyone on our team. Jerry took both fastest day and night laps. I tried my best but came up just over a minute slower every time. Except when he used his cross bike for a lap.
These guys know how to do it right, everything was brought.
The course was super nice, and fast 9.5 miles of rolly, tight, and twisty singletrack.
I'm very proud of our team who rode very well every lap and maintained a positive attitude throughout.
We were camped next to our friends of All About Bikes--Baker, Shawn (Budha), Joe, and Cryin Bryan. We changed their name to team turmoil during the night.
Hats off to those solo and mixed teams, thats a lot of work! I want to try it someday. Hopefully this helps to prepare me for the SM one hundo!
Wes was out there filming, riding, and shooting, so expect some good media from that.
Thanks to all who put this race on, and the fine folks of runriderace for handling the timing!


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